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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) About Change Tables

No one likes changing dirty diapers. But you can make the ordeal easier with a baby change table.

Why do I need a baby change table?

If you've got a newborn on the way expect to be changing a lot of diapers. You could change your baby on the floor or a bed. But, this means you'd be doing a lot of bending over or kneeling down, which can take a toll on your sleep-deprived body. A change table raises the diaper change to a convenient height saving your back and knees.

A change table is a great way to keep your diaper change essentials organized. Having the diapers, wipes, and lotions within easy reach saves you from frantically searching for something mid-diaper change. Once your child's done with diapers a changing table can be used as shelving or storage. Just remove the changing pad and use it as a regular dresser or storage shelf.

What should I consider when buying a change table?


Safety is paramount so look for safety features like a safety strap or changing pad that fastens to the table. A safety straps prevents your wiggling baby from moving around during the diaper change. Similarly, a changing pad that secures to the table prevents your baby from potentially flipping the change pad.

Also, a change table should have a guardrail or solid wood that goes around the entire table to prevent your baby from falling off the table. It is recommended the guardrail be at least 2 inches high on all sides. For even more safety, look for a table that comes with anti-tipping hardware. This hardware secures the change table to either the wall or the floor, preventing the table from potentially toppling over with your baby.


Like any good sturdy piece of furniture a change table can last for years, well beyond changing dirty diapers. In fact, if you're planning on having a second child you'll definitely want a change table that's going to last. Look for solid wood construction for the sturdiest tables. You could also consider composite wood or medium-density fibreboard as sturdy options.


A change table lets you change your baby's diaper at a comfortable height, saving your back and knees from potential pain and suffering. But, change tables come in different heights, so make sure you find one that's the right height for you.

Changing pad

Changing pads often come as part of the change table. In fact, some tables include a waterproof change pad, which is ideal for any additional messes during diaper changes. If you need to purchase a separate change pad, look for one that has an easy-to-clean cover and a safety strap. Make sure the pad isn't too thick and doesn't go beyond the table's guardrails.

What type of change table do I need?

The change table you choose will depend on your needs and personal style. There are 3 basic types of change tables: change table dresser, change table with open shelves, and 4-in-1 crib with a change table. A change table dresser gives you plenty storage room for all your diaper change essentials. An open-shelf change table gives you the freedom to customize your storage options. A crib-change table combination is a great space-saving solution for those who may have a smaller nursery. This type of change table is often a smaller dresser-style and separates from the crib.