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Keep Your Prints Sharp with Printing Supplies For All Your Needs

You’re always looking for a quality print with your inkjet, laser, and 3D printer, but the printer only does half the job; the rest is up to the cartridge. Keep any printer well-fed with it’s very own compatible toner, ink, or filaments. Best Buy’s variety of printing supplies make it easy for you to find the right fit for your printer without any hassle.

Keep your printer happy with the right toner

Your printing supply needs are always unique to the printer or printers you own; their designated cartridges for toner, ink, or filaments are designed specifically for your model of printer. If you have a laser printer, you’re going to need the appropriate toner cartridges. Toner cartridges contain a powdery substance and are used in laser printers and copy machines. The substance used for toner can be cleaner and less messy than an ink cartridge. Some of the benefits of using a laser printer that uses toner are having to replace cartridges less often, a much faster print out, and significantly better quality of print.

Find the right inkjet cartridge for your needs

Inkjet printers produce highly vivid images by using nozzles to place drops of ink directly onto paper. Pigment based printer ink, which provides water resistance, long-lasting colour without fade, and fantastic image quality, is best for photos and professional use. You can also choose dye based printer ink, which can go a much longer way and require less refills. You can also choose between tri-colour or individual colour cartridges. Individual ink cartridges only contain a single colour, which means you will require a few different cartridges to produce a mix of colors. Tri-colour cartridges produce virtually all colours by mixing the three colours contained within one single cartridge.

Reap all the benefits of your 3D printer with 3D Filaments

3D Printers are a whole new world of printing, and require very specific supplies to achieve mind-blowing results. Many 3D printers use a long plastic straw-like filament that’s fed into a nozzle, liquefied, and placed perfectly onto the platform in the shape of your print. It then hardens, and this continues on layer by layer to build the print in full. 3D filaments are available in a large variety of colours and sizes that suit your printer and your design accordingly. You can get individual cartridges, or buy them in bundles for some variation.

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