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FAQ About IP Cameras

Your home is usually the biggest investment in your life and maintaining its security is as essential as paying the mortgage. IP cameras provide video surveillance for your home and property through easy-to-use, real-time streaming technology that operates using an internet connection. Let's answer some common questions about IP cameras and see if this security measure is right for your home.

What is an IP camera and what types are there to choose from?

Home security has traditionally been the domain of analog CCTV, with its taped video and complicated wiring systems. IP cameras make home security more accessible because they're easier to install and require, at the most basic level, an IP camera, home internet connection, and a digitally connected device. These IP cameras use either a WiFi signal or a reliable wired connection to deliver simple-to-access video monitoring on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

What are the most important IP camera features to consider?

Like any home security systems, IP cameras range from starter models to more professional setups with extensive features. Some of the more important features to consider are camera resolution for HD or Full HD video, night vision for monitoring your home in the evening, and multiple camera viewing angles that let you see more of your property than a stationary camera. Other features that improve your security are recording footage to a computer hard drive, 2-way audio, and weather resistance.

What sensors are included on the camera?

A challenge of home security is knowing when to watch your video feed at the right time. Many IP cameras feature motion sensors that alert you to when there is a potential threat on your property. Built-in camera sensors notify you when there is movement with alerts on your smartphone or other device, allowing you to view your home virtually anywhere there is internet access. IP camera are also capable of sounding a siren when security is breached.

Are IP cameras easy to install?

If you're looking to enter DIY security with an IP camera, you'll be pleased to learn how easy it is to install. IP cameras with plug-and-play technology means setup can be as simple as placing a camera in the right spot, connecting it to your WiFi, and downloading an app to your iOS- or Android-compatible mobile device. More professional IP cameras can be used as an add-on that integrates into an existing security system. These higher-end cameras are often more durable, weather-resistant, and agile in their movement and tracking.