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Cover your iPhone 15 Plus with a case

The first accessory you should buy for any new smartphone is a protective case, and the iPhone 15 Plus has plenty of real estate to cover.

Why it’s important to protect the iPhone 15 Plus

As with any smartphone, especially a premium one, it’s important to protect your investment with a durable iPhone case. Fitted cases protect the phone’s back, sides, and even screen from bumps, drops, cracks, nicks, and falls.

The added benefit with a protective case for a smartphone is that you can also get something fashionable, fitting with your personal style or even a special occasion. Yes, the iPhone 15 Plus comes in five trendy colour options, including pink, yellow, green, blue, and black with the colour infused into the aluminum glass back. But you can change things up with a different colour, add a case with playful patterns and designs, or just use a transparent case so the phone’s colour shines through.

Given how expensive the iPhone 15 Plus is, and the fact that it has an oversized 6.7-inch Super Retina XDR display, a case adds peace-of-mind when you’re out and about.

What types of cases can you get for the iPhone 15 Plus?

There are many different iPhone 15 Plus cases available, from fitted hard shells to soft shell cases, iPhone 15 Plus wallet cases, and more. Don’t forget to look for a case that supports MagSafe if you plan on wirelessly charging the phone.

Opt for a solid colour, from darker, more professional looking hues to fun and playful pastel colours. There are also cases with fun patterns and designs, from flowers to marble to iPhone 15 Plus glitter cases for a bit of added shimmer and shine.

As noted, you can opt for an understated iPhone 15 Plus clear case if you want the beauty of the phone’s own colour to shine through. A wallet case, meanwhile, provides an extra spot to hold a hotel room key, ID, credit card, cash, and more.

How to choose the right iPhone 15 Plus case for you

To find the right iPhone 15 Plus case, look for something practical that offers solid protection with ruggedized materials, rubber bumpers in the corners, and raised lips to protect the screen.

The case should be easy to put on and take off, especially if you want to swap among different ones from day to day, between day and night, or for the work week and weekends. MagSafe charging support is important: an iPhone 15 Plus MagSafe case makes it easier to charge in a growing number of public places. Speaking of charging, heavy users should consider a battery case for iPhone 15 Plus for an extra boost of power on the go.

Given that the iPhone 15 Plus is one of the larger versions in the new line-up, you don’t want to add a ton of bulk to it. Look for a case that’s slim fitting while still offering respectable protection.