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Protect your new iPhone 15

The iPhone 15 is Apple’s latest smartphone with compelling features, and you’ll want to keep it protected with a functional and fashionable case.

Why protect your iPhone 15?

There’s a lot to love about the new Apple iPhone 15. To maximize its longevity, get a protective case, which will help prevent scratches and dings, and protect the phone against bumps and drops.

This phone is ruggedly built with an aerospace grade aluminum enclosure and colours built right into the foundation for a textured matte finish. It comes in fun new finishes like pink, yellow, green, and blue as well as traditional black. Even though the screen is water- and dust-resistant and comes with a Ceramic Shield, a case provides a literal extra layer of protection. The raised lip on many cases can further protect the screen should you drop the phone in just the wrong way.

iPhone 15 has the same 6.1-inch screen size as iPhone 14 with almost identical dimensions. But there’s one crucial difference: the Lightning port has been switched for universal USB-C, which means cases might fit differently.

What types of cases are available for the iPhone 15?

Beyond the obvious benefit of added protection, another reason to get a protective case for the iPhone 15 is that it lets you show off your personality. They come in so many different materials, styles, colours, and designs.

There are fitted hard shell cases with MagSafe to permit wireless charging without having to remove the case. If you prefer something more pliable, there are fitted soft shell cases in a variety of classic solid colours and flexible materials like silicone. Conversely, there are extra-rugged cases for maximum protection, an iPhone 15 wallet case for versatility, and cases with built-in kickstands. Apple, meanwhile, offers its own FineWoven cases, replacing leather accessories in its line.

Want to show off the iPhone 15’s fun colour? Go with a clear or sheer case so the bright, bold pink or pastel-like blue finish shines through. Need something bolder? Consider cases that shimmer and shine or come with designs like flowers or marble.

What to look for in a good iPhone 15 case

How can you possibly choose? If you plan to keep the same case on the phone all the time, consider a classic, solid colour that’ll fit for both business/school and leisure time. If you like to leave the house without a purse or wallet, a wallet case lets you bring essential cash and cards and leave everything else at home.

For work outdoors or someone who’s prone to dropping your phone, consider a case that offers extra rugged protection. There are even ones with a slider to protect the camera lenses when not in use. Make sure to get an iPhone 15 MagSafe case for seamless wireless charging without removing it.

Finally, if you want to show off the iPhone 15 colour you chose, go with a clear case, like a fitted soft shell that’s easy to take on and put off. This can be your everyday case to then swap out for something bolder for nights out on the town.