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FAQ About Jewelry Sets

No matter the occasion, a well-chosen jewelry set brings an outfit together. It's the final touch to a stunning dress or subtly sparkling detail to casual clothing. Buy it for yourself or a loved one; jewelry sets make meaningful presents for all sorts of events. In fact, there's no such thing as an uncalled-for gift of jewelry. The matching pieces, with their coordinated design, have a timeless appeal. Check out some frequently asked questions about these perennial accessories.

What's a typical jewelry set like?

Jewelry sets come with matching pieces, which may include a necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings, and range from a pair to 3 or more pieces. Prices vary according to the quality of the stones (whether they're the real thing or an imitation), metals, and the jewelry's craftsmanship, whether it's vintage, modern, or classic style.

How do I choose a jewelry set?

You can match your jewelry set to a type of outfit, such as fancy, work, or casual wear, and coordinate colours according to the dominant hues in your wardrobe or even your skin tone. Some jewelry sets are designed specifically for special occasions, such as sets for the bride or the bridal party.

For the Bride

Look for a bridal jewelry set that complements the style, colour and neckline of your wedding dress. The matching pieces are designed to work together so the subtle details and colour of the metals accentuate rather than detract from the stand-out features of your gown.

For the Bridesmaid

Whether simple or extravagant, bridesmaid jewelry sets are a fine way to show your appreciation for the people who helped pull your wedding together. Popular styles include stainless steel pieces or matching simple pendants. Choose sets that match the bridesmaid dress colour and neckline, or even the bride's jewelry metal or gem colour.

For a Special Event

It's hard to go wrong with a jewelry set gift for Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, graduation, or your wedding anniversary. A birthstone jewelry set could be a fitting birthday present, with the gemstone or stone colour representing the birth month. A pearl jewelry set makes an elegant treat for any special occasion.

For Work

For staple pieces, consider classic styles. Diamonds, pearls, and well-cut cubic zirconia have a timeless appeal. To add a splash of colour to your wardrobe, choose gemstones and metals that complement your skin tone and even your hair colour. A clean, minimal style will accentuate any look, such as diamond studs or a simple gold pendant necklace.

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