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  • A Few Things About Rings

    Rings can last a lifetime and beyond. They can be a fashion accessory, make a statement, or symbolize a special promise or significant achievement. With so many options, you may find yourself going in circles trying to pick the right ring. Here are some helpful things to think about.

    Diamond rings

    When shopping for a diamond ring, consider the 4 Cs: carat, clarity, colour, and cut.


    This is a measurement of a diamond's weight, though keep in mind that it's apparent size can be affected by the diamond's shape and how it's set.


    Clarity measures the amount and size of imperfections in the diamond. Clarity may only be microscopically detectable and have minimal effect on the appearance to the naked eye.


    Less is more, and none is best when it comes to colour in a diamond. A diamond graded D is absolutely colourless, with F-E grades indicating a stone that is colourless to all but an expert gemologist. H-G is near-colourless, J-I diamonds may contain a slight tone, and stones graded M - Z will have noticeable colour.


    The cut is the most important characteristic of a diamond because it determines just how much sparkle the stone will have. Ratings range from poor to ideal, so they're pretty easy to understand.

    Gold rings

    When it comes to gold, karat is a measure of purity. 24 karat gold is nearly 100% pure, but too soft for practical use in jewelry. 14 karat gold is about 58.3% pure and 10 karat gold 41.7%. The other metal alloys it's mixed with give it strength and can also lend a particular colour. Rose gold combines gold and coper, while white gold jewelry uses white metals like silver and platinum.

    Birthstone rings

    Modern birthstones can add colour and a personalized touch to a ring. This can make a thoughtful gift, and many will appreciate the significance in multiple types of stones. Moms can honour their children's birth months. You might adopt the birthstone of your significant other in addition to your own. Whatever expression you attach, whether it's a personal statement or a fashionable one, birthstone rings are a great accessory for day-to-day wear.