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Brighten up play time with laser pegs

What are laser pegs?

Laser pegs are unique STEM toys that serve as an alternative to, or to be used in addition with, traditional construction blocks. Put together various sets, from robots to helicopters, connect the creation to the power base, and the translucent pieces will illuminate with a rainbow of colours via LED lights. (Don’t worry, there are no real lasers.)

Ideal for kids aged 8 and up (usually up to about 14), there are various sets that range from 82 tinted pieces up to 164 that allow you to make from six up to 24 different models from the same pieces. An 8-in-1 Construction Kit, for example, can make models like a bulldozer or bobcat, while a 12-in-1 Fire Truck Kit can make an ambulance, fire fighter plane, and more.

Other creations that can be made with different kits include a race car, rescue copter, spaceship, Rally car, F1 racer, muscle car, compact tuner, Chinook, Osprey, and formula car. In addition to making the models for which there are instructions, you can also make customized creations that can be lit up once played on the base.

Because laser pegs work with other popular brands of construction building blocks, they can also be used to enhance other unique creations, from monster trucks to dinosaurs, robots, and animals.

How do laser pegs help kids learn?

Laser pegs encourage creativity, fun, and excitement, but there are STEM-based educational components to them, too.

Kids must follow detailed instructions and learn about spatial relations, creative abstract thinking, problem-solving if a piece hasn’t been put on correctly, math in terms of skills like grouping, and improving their hand-eye coordination, especially with sets that have many small pieces.

Cognitive and motor skills are also challenged and encouraged, along with imaginative play, visualization, and memory. Kids learn about multi-dimensional play as they create multiple models from the same set or combine sets to make entire worlds.

What makes laser pegs unique?

Aside from adding the cool element of light to the concept of a traditional construction toy, laser pegs are open-ended which means they are compatible with all other major building toys like Magformers and major construction building blocks like Lego. So you can add them to existing or new creations, or mix and match. When you want to add light, simply connect the new toy to the base to brighten the laser pegs pieces up.

This makes laser pegs both educational and fun, and a versatile toy that can be used with other construction building toys and blocks you might already have at home.

Because of this, laser pegs make great gifts, too, since one set can add an element of light to popular construction toys that most kids these days have in their homes already.