Stay Safe with a Comfortable Money Belt

Travelling should reduce the amount of stress in your life—not the other way around. Wearing a high-quality money belt can keep your belongings safe. Taking that extra step to stay safe (especially while in a foreign place) means that you can focus on what really matters, like enjoying the view and spending time with your family.

What to Carry in a Money Belt

Money belts, stash belts, and fanny packs are all pretty similar, but there are a few differences between the three. While money belts and stash belts are made to be discreet, fanny packs carry a little more weight. They’re roomier and bulkier and are meant to be worn over your clothing—they carry your items, but they don’t hide them.

Fanny packs can be great for use in the city or on a hike. Their extra room lets you carry a lot more: not just cash, but also items like lip balm, a small water bottle, and your headphones and house keys. Thanks largely to the popularity of summer music festivals, fanny packs are trendier than ever. (The chunkier, the better!) Look for leather fanny packs for extra style without any tan lines, or fanny packs with multiple pockets for easy access.

In the city, waterproof money belts are a great compromise between the style of a fanny pack and the convenience of a travel money belt. A great, thin money belt tucks easily under your clothing, making them a functional choice for weekend hikes or morning runs.

The Best RFID-Protected Money Belt for Travelling

Most travellers opt for a slim, discreet money belt while travelling. Tourists are always at risk for opportunistic crime, so keeping your cash hidden and with you at all times is a simple way to add an extra level of security. Unlike a wallet (which can be pickpocketed) or a purse (which can be snatched), money belts are hard to get to in heavily populated tourist areas. If someone is trying to get at your money belt… Well, let’s just say that you’re very likely to notice it happening!

When travelling, look for a money belt that fits securely against your body. The slimmer and smoother it is, the less obvious it’ll be under clothes. Options like RFID protection help keep you safe from skimmers—but note that RFID skimming is extremely rare thanks to credit card and passport encryption, so many travellers prefer the comfort of a thin cloth money belt over the safety of an RFID-protecting one.

An RFID protected money belt, fanny pack, or waterproof money belt can help enhance your feeling of security while travelling or exercising. Don’t be afraid to look at different options to find something that fits your lifestyle!