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A Computer Mouse and Mouse Pad Should Deliver Comfort and Convenience

A mouse and wrist pad is essential for comfortable computing, helping you glide a mouse along a textured surface, accurately translating mouse movements into corresponding cursor movements on screen, and making sure your hand is supported while navigating and typing. Seemingly simple products, there are actually lots from which you can choose.  

What is a mouse and wrist pad? 

Placed on your work desk or table, a mouse pad provides a non-slip surface on which you can glide a mouse. Wrist pads come on their own, or built into a mouse pad, providing extra comfort and support below your wrist while you navigate the mouse, or positioned below a keyboard for added support while you type. 

Why use a mouse and wrist pad? 

It’s difficult to navigate a mouse on a smooth surface like a table or desk. Not only do mouse pads provide anti-skid surfaces, they can also help reduce and relieve wrist stress, and make lengthy computer sessions more comfortable. Adding a wrist rest to the equation, or opting for a mouse pad with wrist support built in, provides ergonomic support to help prevent repetitive motion disorders while you click the mouse and/or type away, and promotes proper hand and wrist movement.  

What features can I get? 

From extended length, to square, and circular, and materials like cloth, hard polymer, leather, or memory foam, there are lots from which to choose. Some mouse pads have cushioned wrist rests made from materials like gel or beading. Or there are wrist pads that can be positioned below or on the pad, or even wrapped around the underside of your wrist as you push around the mouse. 

Some mouse pads add features like a USB pass-through port, or fun patterns or images, like cute puppies or kittens, or beautiful beach scenes, that add to your personal style. Gaming mouse pads provide added benefits for gamers, like increased control, and precise tracking and accuracy. Most are easy to clean with a quick wipe down. 

What’s available? 

A variety of companies make mouse and wrist pads, including HP, Asus, Insignia, Dell, Logitech, Belkin, 3M, Kensington, Acco, Corsair, Razer, and more, at a variety of price points to suit everyone from the student, to the everyday worker, to the pro gamer. 

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