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FAQ About Wireless Remote Presenters

It isn't easy to take control of a room. Especially if sweat is streaming down your face. Whether or not you get stage fright -- a wireless remote presenter will help divert the attention to wherever you're pointing and give you the confidence to crush it.

What are wireless remote presenters?

Wireless remote presenters are used as a presentation remote and allow you to click through the slides on the presentation at your leisure. Wireless presenters give you the freedom to move around during your presentation while still maintaining a strong connection to your audience.

What are the features of a wireless remote presenter?

Different remotes have varying features but many allow you to wirelessly control your presentation and simultaneously use the remote as laser pointer. If you want to bring your audience's attention to a specific spot on the slide, your laser pointer will come in handy. Some remotes have lots of handy buttons that give you more control; just be careful you don't misclick and skip a crucial slide.

What should I look for before buying a wireless remote presenter?

When shopping for a wireless remote presenter, pay attention to the type of connectivity it offers. Bluetooth connectivity is convenient but you can also opt for a plug-and-play USB receiver if you want a larger range of space to move around. Remote presenters equipped with timers or stopwatches can be handy, especially if they have vibrating alerts, because they can keep you on track during your presentation.