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Boost productivity with a keyboard

Computer keyboards come in all types, including wired and wireless, ideal for productivity, gaming, and more.

What types of keyboards are available?

A computer keyboard is essential with a PC but it’s also useful for laptops. There are two main types: wired keyboards and wireless keyboards. The latter uses Bluetooth and/or 2.4GHz, working with a receiver that plugs into the computer. This provides flexibility in terms of where you place the laptop and/or computer. If you are using a wireless keyboard to control a computer connected to a TV, for example, you can sit back and relax on the bed or couch while typing and navigating menus from farther away.

Available in a variety of colours from brands like Apple, Logitech, Microsoft, Lenovo, and Dell, keyboards have standard QWERTY keys and often a numeric keypad as well. Ergonomic models and ones with features like backlit keys, RGB lighting, and tactile buttons for gamers might be worth investing in for some.

Some keyboards have customizable buttons and special features like Touch ID for use with compatible Apple products.

How to get the most out of your keyboard

A keyboard is ideally situated right in front of where you’re sitting, at an eye level that’s comfortable for typing and navigating keys. Some come with a wrist rest or you can buy one to go with it. Some may also have a kickstand to raise it to the perfect height. You can find a keyboard bundle that includes a mouse and mouse pad for a complete set-up.

If you’re using an optional keyboard for a better typing experience with a laptop, or when connecting it to a larger monitor, position the keyboard in front of the laptop and the monitor behind it for the best set-up.

If the PC keyboard has customizable shortcut keys, make sure to use them for your most frequently used functions, especially if you aren’t using a mouse as well. This can come in especially handy for gamers.

What to look for in a keyboard

Wired keyboards are perfect for permanent set-ups, like a home or office computer. But you’ll get the most flexibility with a wireless keyboard. They typically boast long battery life so you won’t need to replace batteries for quite some time. A Bluetooth keyboard or one that works via 2.4GHz wireless is easy to bring with you and use with a multitude of devices, like a work computer and laptop at home, or even if you have the computer and monitor on a shelf up high while you use the keyboard down low to control it.

Some computer keyboards have bilingual English and French keys, useful if you work with both languages. Some can also connect to a mobile device for a second screen or collaborative experience.

Look for an ergonomic design and features that will appeal to what you do, like a large numeric keypad for productivity or tactile keys and RGB lighting for gaming.