• Extend your gameplay to new levels with Nintendo eShop Cards

    Whether you are looking for the perfect gift for the Nintendo gamer in your life or treating yourself to new Nintendo games, online features, and more, Nintendo eShop Cards are the perfect way to access all of the fantastic digital content that Nintendo has to offer. Save yourself the hassle of entering payment information on all your Nintendo consoles by using prepaid Nintendo eShop Cards

    Which Nintendo platforms are eShop Cards compatible with?

    Currently Nintendo eShop cards are universally compatible across multiple Nintendo platforms, including the entire Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS/2DS, and Nintendo Wii U family of consoles. In fact, Nintendo has gone so far as to consolidate your Nintendo eShop balance across all of its ecosystems. So if you redeem a Nintendo eShop card on your Nintendo 3DS XL console for example, you will also see that balance show up when browsing the Nintendo Switch eShop (providing you have linked your Nintendo ID to both consoles). This means you don’t have to worry about which specific console and eShop Card is for—they are all compatible with each Nintendo platform!

    Nintendo Online prepaid cards

    In addition to Nintendo eShop gift cards, which provide a monetary balance that can be used towards digital purchases in the Nintendo eShop, Nintendo also offers prepaid cards for its “Nintendo Online” service. Nintendo Online grants players access to a number of online services available for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles.

    An active Nintendo Online subscription is required in order to play online multiplayer modes in many popular Nintendo titles, including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Splatoon 2. Of course it is still possible to play these titles in single player mode without a Nintendo Online subscription, however having an active subscription can really add to players’ enjoyment, especially in games with excellent online competitive modes.

    Nintendo Online also grants subscribers access to a large, growing library of classic NES and SNES console titles. These retro games are only playable with a Nintendo Online subscription, and cannot be purchased separately. They add enormous value to the cost of the service, especially for nostalgic fans and young players eager to learn more about Nintendo’s earliest hits.

    Nintendo Online prepaid cards can be purchased as individual memberships in either 3-month or 12-month terms, or as a 12-month family membership, which is good for up to 10 separate Nintendo accounts linked together under the same family account.

    Give the gift of Nintendo

    Nintendo eShop cards make the perfect gift for any Nintendo fan, especially when you aren’t certain exactly which game or digital content they truly want. Nintendo eShop cards provide the player with a digital code that can be redeemed in the eShop on any current Nintendo platform, making it easy for the recipient to make purchases without having to enter additional credit card information. Nintendo eShop cards come in a variety of denominations, such as $20, $50, or $70.

    Furthermore, Nintendo eShop cards do not expire—nor do the funds that are ultimately added to the player’s Nintendo eShop balance. This means that if nothing catches your eye right away, you can always save your eShop card or eShop balance until the next big must-have release is available for purchase.