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Keep your console powered up both at home and on the road with Nintendo Switch Power Cords & Charging Stations

The Nintendo Switch is an extremely versatile video game console, with the capacity to instantly flip between a home console connected to your home entertainment center and an on-the-go portable device. Its dual functionality means there are a number of different ways to keep your Nintendo Switch (and its peripheral accessories) charged up and read. No matter how you like to play, keep the fun going with a great selection of Nintendo Switch power cords & charging stations.

Charging the Nintendo Switch in docked mode

When the Nintendo Switch is in docked mode, it functions just like any other home console. The dock sends an audio/video signal to your TV/home entertainment center via an HDMI cable, so you can enjoy your games on the big screen. However, docked mode also has the additional benefit of charging your Nintendo Switch console at the same time.

This is the easiest way to keep a full battery on the Nintendo Switch. Whether you are playing or not, the Switch is always charging when docked. It also charges any Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers that are connected to the console while docked as well.

When using Nintendo’s Switch dock, the console cannot be played in handheld mode. The dock covers the screen on the Switch itself (which also turns black), and will only deliver audio/visual output via HDMI. However, there are other third-party docks for the Nintendo Switch available as well. Many of these docks do not cover the screen of the Switch, and instead allow for the console to be played on its own in a resting docked position while also providing a charge to the battery.

Charging the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode

When playing in handheld mode, you can take the Nintendo Switch console with you everywhere. This allows gamers incredible freedom in where they choose to play, but it also means keeping a closer eye on the battery life of the console.

In handheld mode the Nintendo Switch can be charged via a USB type-C port found at the base of the device. This USB type-C connection is the same as the one that powers the Nintendo Switch dock, so you may use the same cord that powers the dock to charge the Switch directly as a handheld. Again in this configuration the Switch will charge both while resting or during use—although naturally it will charge a bit more slowly while in use.

You may charge the Nintendo Switch with any USB type-C compatible charging cable, however Nintendo does recommend only using cables that have been certified for the Nintendo Switch console. In particular, Nintendo strong warns against using any cable or power source that does not have 56kΩ resistors to prevent the possibility of over-charging.

Charging Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons and other peripherals

As previously noted, when the Nintendo Switch is in docked mode, any Joy-Cons attached to the console will automatically receive a charge. This is typically the easiest way to charge a pair of Joy-Cons—however it does not account for additional Joy-Cons you may own, or other peripherals such as the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.

There are a number of charging dock stations available designed specifically for Joy-Cons, some of which can charge up to four Joy-Cons simultaneously. These are particularly useful for players who own a large number of Joy-Cons—especially when they want to keep them all charged and ready for large multiplayer play sessions in games.

Another option for charging Joy-Cons is the Joy-Con charging grip, which slots two Joy-Cons into a gripped configuration not unlike a standard gamepad controller. So long as the charging grip is connected to a power source, it will charge any Joy-Cons connected to it. You can use the charging Joy-Con grip to charge while playing (so long as you don’t mind being tethered to the charging cable), or simply plug it in after playing to let the Joy-Cons charge while resting.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller also charges via a USB type-C connection (in this case located at the top of the controller). In fact, one of the benefits of owning a new Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is that it comes with an additional USB type-C cable which can also be used to charge the Nintendo Switch console.