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Protect your console and express your style with Nintendo Switch Skins, Faceplates, and Cases

The Nintendo Switch is one of the hottest consoles in gaming today, and since it doubles as a portable handheld device, you’ll want to ensure yours is protected from accidental mishaps in your day-to-day travels. Keep your console organized and in pristine condition (and show off your style as well) with these Nintendo Switch accessories like Skins, Faceplates & Cases.

Nintendo Switch Cases

A good case is an essential accessory for any portable handheld console. It will protect your investment from damage resulting from accidental drops, as well as providing an extra layer of protection when the Nintendo Switch is stored in your bag or luggage for transport.

Nintendo Switch cases can be manufactured from a variety of materials, including plastic hard shell designs as well as softer ones made from fabric or vinyl. Hard shell cases generally provide the highest degree of protection from physical damage, but are often also bulkier and can weigh more that soft cases.

Another benefit to Nintendo Switch cases is that they are also a great way to keep your console and accessories organized. Many Nintendo Switch cases offer additional room for things like game cartridges, headphones, charging cables, additional joy con controllers, and more. Keeping all your accessories together makes it easy to bring along all your essentials, and reduces the risk of losing loose accessories in transit.

Many Nintendo Switch cases feature unique designs that add an aesthetically pleasing quality in addition to functionality. Players can choose from cases with artwork from many of their favourite Nintendo characters and franchises, such as Mario Brothers, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, and more.

Nintendo Switch Faceplates and Skins

Another way to customize your Nintendo Switch console is with faceplate and skin accessories. Faceplates tend to be made of a harder plastic material, snapping in place onto the face of a console. In some cases they may consist of a shell hard enough to provide additional protection from accidental damage.

Skins on the other hand are made of softer material and often apply adhesively to the face of the console. They are typically used for aesthetics only, adding additional style to your Nintendo Switch with artwork and designs often drawn from popular Nintendo franchises. Skins are usually semi-permanent—not intended to be taken on and off regularly, however if you do choose to remove a skin, they are generally designed to come off without leaving any lingering adhesive residue.

Nintendo Switch Screen Protectors

Screen protectors are a perfect solution for protecting the display of your Nintendo Switch console from unwanted scratches and scrapes. These self-applicable adhesive accessories provide a thin transparent plastic layer between your environment and your Nintendo Switch screen, creating a scratch-resistant sheet of protection. When applied correctly, you should not be able to tell that the screen protector is there, which means you can keep your Nintendo Switch screen safe without compromising on the visual quality of your Nintendo Switch games.