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  • Take a look at some of the best-selling Nintendo titles of all time with Nintendo Wii games

    The Nintendo Wii console became a cultural phenomenon upon its release in North America in November of 2006. It shot Nintendo back into the spotlight, selling out everywhere as players of all ages became obsessed with a new generation of gaming. This frenzy was due largely in part not only to the Wii’s revolutionary new motion controls, but to the amazing library of games that accompanied it.

    Nintendo Wii’s best-selling games

    To date, the original pack-in game for the Nintendo Wii, Wii Sports, is still one of the highest selling video games across any platform in the history of gaming. It sold nearly 83 million copies, making headlines along the way as many consumers who weren’t typically video game players joined in on the cultural phenomenon of Wii Bowling and Wii Tennis.

    Wii Sports isn’t the only huge success in the Nintendo Wii library as far as sales figures go. Mario Kart Wii sold over 30 million copies itself, making it the most lucrative entry in the always-successful Mario Kart franchise and also securing a place in the top 10 best-selling games of all time. Furthermore, a follow-up to Wii Sports titled Wii Sports Resort as well as the launch party game Wii Play each sold nearly 30 million copies each.

    Huge franchises

    The Nintendo Wii stable of software is also home to some of Nintendo’s biggest franchises. This includes entries to the Legend of Zelda franchise in the form of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, as well as multiple titles in the Super Mario universe, including both Super Mario Galaxy and Super Mario Galaxy 2, as well as New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

    Other major Nintendo properties in the Nintendo Wii console include Donkey Kong Country Returns, Metroid: Other M, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

    Fitness games on Nintendo Wii

    Nintendo continued to push boundaries during the Wii generation with the advent of the Wii Balance Board peripheral. This ushered in another wave of new software, and subsequently new players, as the Nintendo Wii became a fitness fad on top of an already popular gaming device.

    The most popular titles came from Nintendo themselves in the form of Wii Fit and Wii Fit Plus, however a number of other 3rd party and licensed fitness titles also appeared. Some notable titles include Zumba Fitness Core, My Fitness Coach, and Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout.

    Dance games on Nintendo Wii

    The motion control design of the Nintendo Wii along with its reputation for physical activity-based software made it the perfect console for the growing craze of dance video games that began taking off in the mid-2000’s. This includes the massively successful Just Dance series of dancing games.

    What is particularly incredible is that Just Dance is such a popular and lucrative franchise on the Nintendo Wii, that it is still coming out on the Nintendo Wii platform! Despite the fact that other developers and franchises ceased producing games for the Nintendo Wii years ago, Ubisoft continues to publish Just Dance for the Nintendo Wii, including the most recent entry Just Dance 2019. And yes, the upcoming Just Dance 2020 is slated for a Nintendo Wii release as well!