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Get the most out of your console with essential Nintendo Wii accessories

The Nintendo Wii sparked a cultural phenomenon, and still remains one of the best-selling home consoles of all time. The Wii’s unique “Wiimote” controller and motion-controlled software intrigued gamers and brought in countless new players with easy-to-play party games such as Wii Sports. Due to the novel design and revolutionary peripherals that belong to the console, there is also a wide variety of exciting and useful Nintendo Wii Accessories to enjoy.

Must-have Nintendo Wii accessories

The Nintendo Wiimote is probably the number one must-have accessory for the Nintendo Wii. Of course at least one Wiimote is a necessity in order to operate the console, but did you know that the Nintendo Wii can support up to 10 Wiimotes at one time? Party games and multiplayer experiences are a huge part of what has made the Nintendo Wii such a successful console, and ensuring you have enough Wiimote controllers to go around will only increase the amount of enjoyment you can experience with family and friends.

Other essential Nintendo Wii accessories include the “Nunchuk” controller, which is an additional peripheral that connects to the Wiimote, providing additional inputs including an arcade stick directional control input, which is indispensable for 3D games such as Super Mario Galaxy or The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. The Nintendo Wii also supports more traditionally designed controllers such as the Wii Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro. These are particularly desirable for playing classic Nintendo Wii games that may have been purchased through the digital Wii Shop.

You may also need to replace lost or broken accessories that are essential to the operation of the Nintendo Wii. These include the AC power adapter, A/V cables, and the Nintendo Wii wired sensor bar—the latter of which is required to operate the console’s motion control features.

Other useful accessories for the Nintendo Wii

There are also a multitude of great accessories for the Nintendo Wii that can add new levels of enjoyment to your gaming experience. With multiple Wiimotes in your home, replaceable batteries can become a large investment, and they always seem to be on empty at the most inopportune times. A Wiimote charging station can give players the option of using rechargeable battery packs, and the charging cradle provides an easy way to store and charge your Wiimotes when the console is not being played.

There is also a selection of controller peripherals that work in conjunction with the Wiimote to increase the immersive experience of the Nintendo Wii. Steering wheel-shaped peripherals for example are designed to cradle the Wiimote, and create realistic feeling wheel movement when playing games like Mario Kart Wii. These types of peripherals also take the shape of sports equipment (such as golf clubs or baseball bats), firearms, and more.

Nintendo Wii skins, cases, and faceplates

Nintendo Wii Skins, cases, and faceplate accessories allow players to add an element of style to their console and peripherals. These aesthetic add-ons are applied to the Wii and its controllers or other peripherals, allowing for new colours, textures, and design elements that can showcase your own unique style and taste. Some also add an extra layer of protection for your Nintendo Wii accessories again accidental damage of wear.