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FAQ About Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Wii

Mario and his friends are still going strong on Nintendo's latest systems, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Wii. Not sure which one is for you and your family? Read on for some quick answers to common questions.

Why should I consider purchasing a Nintendo Wii U or Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo's legacy of creating fantastic games that also happen to be family friendly is unrivalled. If you're a parent who wants a large catalogue of stimulating yet child-safe games to choose from, Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Wii are both great choices. These are the only consoles where you can play games from Nintendo's renowned game franchises, such as Mario, Mario Kart, and Zelda.

What are the differences between Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo Wii?

Nintendo Wii U is more advanced than its predecessor, Nintendo Wii. It displays games in Full HD 1080p, as opposed to the Wii, which displays at 480p. The Wii U also features a unique GamePad controller, which sports a built-in Full HD display, motion controls, and speakers. You can use the GamePad to play certain games directly on the controller when it's someone else's turn to use the TV.

Are Nintendo Wii games and accessories compatible with Wii U?

Yes, all Nintendo Wii games and official controllers will work with the Nintendo Wii U. This includes the Wii Remote, Wii Remote Plus, and Nunchuk accessory. Certain Wii U games may require you to combine your Wii Remote with a Wii MotionPlus accessory, which gives the controller greater tracking and precision.