Power, charge, and play endlessly with a wide variety of Nintendo Wii U Cables & Power

The Nintendo Wii U may have had a shorter-than-average time in the spotlight, but it’s still home to a huge library of incredible games—some of which can still only be played on the Nintendo Wii U console to this day. For that reason Nintendo Wii U fans and owners will want to ensure their console is up and running in peak condition for years to come. Allow your Wii U to continue delivering fantastic gaming experiences with these Nintendo Wii U cables and power accessories.

Nintendo Wii U power cables

The Nintendo Wii U features a revolutionary design compared to other home consoles of its time. The primary console unit is made up of not one but two major components. The first is the main console unit itself, (featuring an optical media drive), which connects to your television. The second main component is the Wii U Gamepad, which is essentially a hub device that functions as both a controller and a second screen.

The Wii U gamepad can be necessary for some Nintendo Wii U games, or sit idle for others if desired while playing with other controllers. With some games the Wii U gamepad may even be used as the sole screen/device for playing games in handheld mode (within proximity of the main console). However, regardless of configuration, both the main Wii U console and Wii U gamepad must be powered on in order to play.

The main Wii U console is powered by an AC adapter which must remained plugged in to a power source at all times to operate. However, the Wii U gamepad contains an internal battery. This battery is charged by a second power adapter, one designed specifically for the Gamepad. As such, when playing Wii U, gamers can either operate the Gamepad on battery power, or by plugging in the Gamepad via its power adapter, which will also charge the battery when the console is not in use. Ultimately, both a main console AC adapter and the separate Gamepad power adapter are necessary to keep the Wii U console operating.

Nintendo Wii U audiovisual cables

The Nintendo Wii U is the first Nintendo console to feature high-definition, HDMI output. Naturally since high-definition televisions have become the norm, using HDMI in conjunction with the Nintendo Wii U is the best way to enjoy the console. However, the Wii U is also compatible with lower-resolution A/V component cables. The Nintendo Wii U console only shipped with an HDMI cable included though, so you will have to purchase a separate A/V component adapter cable in order to take advantage of the Wii U on older televisions.

Nintendo Wii U power and cable brands

While the Nintendo Wii U ships with all required cables (console power, Gamepad adapter, and HDMI cable) replacing them may become necessary over time due to loss, wear, or accidental damage. First-party Nintendo-manufactured replacements are available, but may become more and more difficult to find in stock as we move further away from the Wii U generation.

Third-party brands and manufacturers are an alternative solution, offering Wii U compatible replacement power cables and adapters—often at more economical prices than the genuine first-party Nintendo articles, especially as they become increasingly rare.