Fire up the Griddle!

What are griddles used for?

Griddles are specialized cooking devices that are able to deliciously prepare many different types of food—everything from burgers to breakfast items. Known for their smooth, flat surface, griddles are easy to use, easy to clean, and their ability to handle high heat allows them to cook food items quickly and thoroughly. In fact, griddles are highly versatile cooktops that are perfect for everyday use. This is probably why they are widely used commercially in restaurants, though they also make a great addition to any home kitchen.

What type of griddle is best for you?

The type of griddle that works best for you depends on your own unique circumstances. For instance, griddles come in a variety of different sizes, so one useful question to ask yourself may be ‘how many people you will typically be cooking for at a time?’ If you have a large family or host a number of parties or gatherings, you may want something fairly large. Alternatively, if you’re mostly just cooking for yourself or your relatively small family, you may prefer a small and potentially even a portable griddle.

For instance, some griddles may be taken out on camping trips or to the beach. Different griddles also use different fuel types, such as gas, electricity, and even coal or wood. You’ll have to take this into consideration as well. Which fuel type will work best with your home’s setup, and which do you prefer to used based on factors like cost and how environmentally friendly the fuel source is?

What can you cook on a griddle?

Griddles can be used to cook a variety of different foods. They are especially popular for breakfast items like bacon, eggs, sausages, pancakes, and French toast, though they can pretty much handle anything that a traditional frying pan can cook. Among the most delicious food options for griddling are fish cakes, Philly cheese steaks, hamburgers, griddle fried chicken, and grilled cheese sandwiches, among many other favourites. Griddles are also great for hosting large family dinners where you need to cook for several people at once.

What are the benefits of a BBQ griddle?

One popular type of griddle today is the outdoor griddle. These backyard BBQ griddles offer flameless, even heat that makes it easy to enjoy cooking in the fresh air and sunshine of the great outdoors. Outdoor griddles are every bit as versatile as their indoor counterparts, and the greater control over temperature they afford means you can masterfully cook all of the same delicious meals that you enjoy indoors. If cooking outside is something you love to do, you simply can’t go wrong with a backyard BBQ griddle.