Never be caught with a flat device again.

Easily portable and rechargeable power banks will keep you charged up and connected, where ever you are.
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Portable Power

Do you find that your mobile devices often run out of power far too quickly—sometimes dying on you when you’re nowhere near a power source? If so, then why not bring the power right along with you the next time you go out? With a mobile power bank in your backpack or purse, you’ll always have a generous supply of portable power easily at hand. Small and lightweight, power banks easily go anywhere that you do, and they have more than enough stored energy to recharge most of your favourite devices multiple times over.


Portable power banks are often compatible with a wide variety of everyday devices. Whether you need to recharge a smartphone, a tablet, your GoPro digital camera, or any of a number of other portable electronic devices, several of the power banks that are currently available at Best Buy are ready and willing to fully back you up. Many of these models even offer USB connector ports for a variety of connectivity options, meaning you’ll be able to recharge practically anything!


One of the biggest advantages of power banks is the sheer quantity of power they store. Some models offer enough juice to fully charge your smart device anywhere from four to six times before needing to be recharged themselves—depending on the power capacity of the specific device being charged. This means that if you go on a camping trip (or anywhere else without power outlets), you’re free to lay low for days on end without ever having to worry about losing the use of your smart phone, camera, GPS, or other essential devices. And it’s vastly superior to trying to bring a generator!


Imagine never having to worry about your smart phone dying when you’re nowhere near a power source, or not having to ration tablet usage during a long bus trip, or when there’s a power outage. With the convenience of a power bank, such difficulties are now a thing of the past. You’ll always be prepared for the death of your devices when packing a high capacity power bank. It’s like having a life-saving defibrillator for your phone and all its friends. It’ll resurrect them every time! So don’t be left in the dark—bring a fully charged power bank along, and your devices will never again fail you!