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PS5 Accessories

Whether it’s controllers, headsets, or storage for your games there are accessories for your PS5 that will help you get the most out of Sony’s next-generation gaming console.

What PS5 accessories are available?

The PlayStation 5 has a wide variety of accessories available to help you get the most out of your gaming experience. If you are looking for a quick, convenient and easy way to charge your controllers then you’ll want to check out the DualSense Charging Station. It allows you to charge up to two DualSense controllers at once.

If you're watching the latest Blu Ray movie or streaming your favourite sitcom, the Media Remote is for you. This remote comes with a microphone built-in to make navigating your way through movies and streaming services that much easier. Looking for a headset for your PS5? Then check out the Pulse 3D wireless headset. It offers 3D audio support, a new and much touted feature found in the PS5 and comes equipped with dual noise-cancelling microphones. Simply plug the USB dongle plugged into the PS5 and the Pulse 3D headset is ready to go.

Finally, the HD Camera is a brand new camera that allows you to stream yourself from the comfort of your living room during epic gameplay sessions. Better yet, the HD Camera features dual 1080p lenses to capture all the action.

How can I expand storage on PlayStation 5?

The PlayStation 5 comes with an internal SSD with 825GB of storage. However, it doesn’t take long to quickly fill that up. If your internal SSD is full and you are looking to expand your storage there you have two options.

The first, and easiest, option to expand the storage on your PlayStation 5 is to attach a USB external hard drive. For example, the USB 3.0 Seagate Game Drive for PlayStation is a perfect choice for storage expansion on your PS5. By using an external USB hard drive on your PS5, you can store and play PlayStation 4 games from it. PlayStation 5 games can also be stored on an external USB hard drive but if you want to play them, you have to move them from the external USB drive to the internal drive in the PlayStation 5.

The second and more difficult option to expand the storage on your PlayStation 5 is to install an SSD that is certified as compatible by Sony. For further specifications and compatibility details, please reference the PlayStation 5 support website.

The all new PlayStation 5 DualSense wireless controller

With a next-generation console comes a next-generation peripheral, and the PS5 DualSense wireless controller is an absolute game-changer. It’s the most immersive video game controller ever designed, with industry-leading features and innovation. The PlayStation 5 DualSense is more than just a controller—it brings your games to life.

Thanks to incredible haptic feedback you’ll feel every activity, from explosive rumbles to speedy tumbles and more. Even environments, textures, and surfaces seem to come to life with seamless haptic feedback integration. Combine this with adaptive triggers that can vary the amount of tension and force required to interact with them, and you have a recipe for a captivating experience that makes you feel like you’re part of the action more than ever before.

The PS5 DualSense controller is also impressively versatile. It features a built-in microphone, an integrated motion sensor, and its own high-fidelity speaker. It’s truly an evolution of the DualShock 4 controller, retaining an iconic layout while improving on comfort, design, and more—including the completely reimagined light bar.