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Cook up your next holiday feast in a roasting pan

A roasting pan is one of the best pieces of cookware to have when it’s time for a family gathering or big holiday. Whether you’re cooking a turkey, roast beef, or roast chicken, a roaster will be your go-to pan for big meals.

What is a roasting pan?

A roasting pan is cookware that’s used specifically for roasting meat in your oven. Roasting pans are also known as roasters, roasting pots, or turkey roasters, and they come in a variety of styles and sizes.

Roasting pans aren’t the same as your standard baking pan because they have a shape that’s designed to circulate heat around your food. They are wide and deep, making them useful for roasting meat on its own or giving you extra space to add vegetables to cook along with it.

Types of roasting pan

You’ll find rectangular roasting pans, circular roasting pans, and roasting pans shaped like an oval. Once you choose a shape and size you can decide on whether you’d like a standard roaster or roasting pan with roasting pan rack. The standard roasting pan will place your meat right on the bottom of the pan, while the roasting pan rack will lift your roast up to create drippings for gravy .

What are some things to consider when buying a roasting pan or dish?

There are a few important considerations you’ll want to make when purchasing a roaster or turkey roaster.

What size of roasting pot do you need?

The consideration when purchasing a roaster is size. Do you want a turkey roasting pan that’s large enough to roast a 50 pound turkey? Or, do you want a small roasting pan designed to give you space to roast a few pieces of chicken and some vegetables?

Different roasting pan materials

The material your roasting pan or roasting rack is made of will help ensure proper heat conductivity for everything you cook. Just like baking pans, roasting pots come in many different types of materials including copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and anodized aluminum.

Materials like copper and stainless steel will ensure your food cooks evenly, and this type of roaster has a high gloss that looks amazing on your shelf during storage. Aluminum and anodized aluminum have better scratch resistance than other materials, making them great for sauce-based dishes as you can use a whisk without worrying about marking the surface.

Where will you store your roasting pan?

You’ll also want to consider storage when purchasing a roasting pan. If your roasting pan needs to fit neatly inside your cupboard, you may choose a small, rectangular size. Large, oval roasting pans are harder to store, so you’ll want to ensure you have a space for it first.

You’ll never regret adding a versatile roasting pan to your cookware. Take a look at our resources on roasting pans.