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  • Watch All the Latest and Greatest Shows on Blu-ray

    Cozying up at home is one of the all-time best feelings ever. Throw some great TV shows into the mix and you’ve got a perfect scenario. You can binge watch or savour all your favourite classics and check off your “to-watch” list with all the available TV Shows on Blu-ray. With such a wide selection of new and classic TV shows on Blu-ray, Best Buy has your staycations, nights in, and lazy Sundays covered.

    Collect the classics

    Having your favourite classics on hand and ready to pop in whenever you’re in the mood is the best part of curating your collection of Blu-ray TV shows. Streaming platforms don’t always have your favourite shows available, and even if they do, there’s a chance they’ll be taken down at some point. Whether it’s The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, or Pokémon, you can make sure your favourite classic TV shows on Blu-ray are on deck and ready to watch at any time.

    Get into some new shows

    They say we’re in the Golden Age of television, and this is proven by all the incredible new shows that have come out in the last few years, and continue to be made as we go. The latest and greatest shows are often not as available via streaming platforms, but they do come out on Blu-ray much quicker. While you’re putting together your collection of classics, you can pick up a few new ones, like the Batman series on Blu-ray, to enjoy in between re-watching the oldies over and over again.

    Benefits of watching TV shows on Blu-ray

    Watching TV shows on Blu-ray provides an experience DVDs and streaming platforms can’t give you. With benefits like picture-in-picture functionality, faster playback, and better menu navigation, you can enjoy your TV shows on an elevated level. Additionally, improved disc coating that is more resistant to scratches and smudges will keep your coveted TV shows better protected so you can continuously watch them over and over again without any worry of wearing your Blu-ray discs out.