FAQ About TV Tuners

The days of sitting down and turning on the TV just to see what's on is a thing of the past for a lot of people. In the demanding world we live in, staying entertained at our convenience is a must. With a TV tuner you get the freedom to watch or record live broadcasts from your computer, delivering entertainment when and where you want it.

What is a TV tuner?

A TV tuner is a device that decodes your cable provider's signal so you can watch and record live broadcast TV on your computer. It essentially turns your computer into a DVR.

What types of TV tuners are available?

There are 2 basic types of TV tuners: internal and external. It should come as no surprise that an internal TV tuner card must be installed inside your computer. Some internal cards have dual tuners, allowing you to watch and/or record two channels at the same time. External TV tuners simplify watching TV on your computer, connecting through USB. This is ideal for those who have systems that won't take an internal card, need a portable option, or want to watch TV on multiple systems.

What should you know before buying a TV tuner?

Make sure you choose a TV tuner that's compatible with your TV signal. Many TV tuners will support both analog and digital signals, but not all are compatible with both signal types. If you're using Windows Media Centre to control the TV tuner you'll want to make sure that it supports your TV signal. Beyond that, make sure the TV tuner you choose is compatible with your system.