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  • FAQ About Warming Drawers

    A warming drawer lets you enjoy meals as they were intended: fresh and piping hot --- even if you're late to the dinner table. Find out more about warming drawers and discover how they can transform your dining (and bath) experience.

    What are the benefits of a warming drawer?

    Warming drawers are designed to keep food at optimal temperatures. Ideal for busy families who eat at different times or individuals who enjoy hosting multiple course dinner parties, warming drawers ensure meals stay heated and deliciously fresh.

    Can I warm items other than food in a warming drawer?

    In addition to food, warming drawers are great for preheating dinnerware. This comes in handy in colder months as hot plates and cups keep food warmer for longer. Warming drawers can also be used outside of the kitchen. Install one in your bathroom or bedroom and enjoy a toasty bathrobe or towel when you leave the shower.

    What features should I consider when buying a warming drawer?

    Before purchasing a warming drawer, you'll need to figure out what type is right for your household. Standard warming drawers are electrically powered and offer flexibility as they can be installed in a variety of locations. These models generally feature variable temperature settings so you can choose between hot or warm heat, and electronic touch controls for easy operation. Some even function as a slow cooker, allowing you to concoct everything from succulent pork tenderloin to hearty beef chili. If you're lacking space in your home or don't plan on using a warming drawer frequently, consider looking for a gas or electric range equipped with a warming drawer.