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Water floats, water tubes, and towable tubes to help you enjoy summer

If you love getting into the water each summer but don't want to spend your entire day swimming, then water floats, tubes, and towables are the perfect way for you to enjoy the season. These buoyant objects keep you bobbing along on top of the water and on top of the action.

From being a relaxed surface to nap in the sun on to tying onto the back of a boat to meet your need for speed, you can get the most out of your time on the water with water floats, tubes, and towables.

What is a water float or pool float?

A water float, also called a pool float, is a flotation surface that helps you enjoy the lazy days of summer. Made from foam or inflatable plastic, water floats are made for lying on top of while they drift around the surface of a pool or other body of water.

Water floats come in many different shapes and styles, from the little kicker boards that kids use while learning how to swim to large, multi-person mat pads and inflatable islands. More basic pool floats might be thin and rectangular, with a soft surface that dips slightly under the water level as you move around on them, while more intricate pool floats for kids and adults might be in the shape of something fun like a sandal or a unicorn.

For those in need of some rest and relaxation, pool floats are the ideal choice for lounging.

What is a water tube?

While pool floats are perfect for relaxation, water tubes grip summer splash season by the handles. Water tubes are a great way to enjoy the water at a faster pace, with different models that are built for towing, white water rafting, and lazy rivers.

What is a towable tube?

Sturdy and resilient, towable tubes are made for one person or multiple people to be pulled in the wake of a boat. These tubes pull you along at much faster speeds than a floating tube following a slow tide would, and usually include handles to help the rider stay on. Two and three person towable tubes are available for riders who want to enjoy a towable tube together, and give you the ability to tube alongside family members.

If you plan on towing your water device, make sure that it's made for towing and that you stay inside of the towable's rider and weight recommendations. With the right towable tube, you can zoom along behind a boat and head for every adrenaline-pumping jump and turn you've dreamed of.