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Glide through gorgeous waters with a convenient, inflatable kayak.
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Enjoy the great outdoors in a kayak

There's nothing like getting out on the open water when the weather permits, and you can do so with a kayak, including convenient inflatable kayaks.

What is the difference between a regular and inflatable kayak?

There are plenty of kayaks from which to choose. A regular kayak is typically made of material like HDPE, which is a durable and lightweight plastic. It will have a handle on the front and casters on the back so you can easily pull it along for your next adventure.

By contrast, an inflatable kayak deflates and can be folded up and carried in a convenient bag, usually backpack style, along with the paddle, fins, and foot or hand pump. When you're ready to go, take it out, pump it up with air, and head out on the water. Inflatable kayaks are usually made of material like ultra-durable reinforced PVC and come with an aluminum paddle or oar.

In both cases, there are one-person kayaks designed for a single individual, tandem kayaks, which are 2-person kayaks, and even smaller ones designed for kids aged 5+ to use with parental supervision. Kayaks are great for everyone from beginners to experienced water sport players.

What are the advantages of using an inflatable kayak?

An inflatable kayak is easier to bring along with you on adventures since you can wear it on your back once deflated, only taking it out once you're ready to go. You don't need to drag it around with you.

They can also be lightweight and easy to set up in minutes using the included foot pump. If you have minimal storage space at home, you don't even have to worry about where to put it. Just pack it up and store it in a closet or on a shelf until you're ready to go again.

Inflatable kayaks require little maintenance, though there is the extra step of set-up and take down each time you use it. You can also, however, inflate for a season, store, and then deflate for the rest of the year.

What should you look for in a kayak?

Look for a bright colour so the kayak is easy to see out on the open water, especially when getting one for kids as a fishing kayak, for example. Check the weight capacity, whether it's for one or two people, as some kayaks can only accommodate up to 200 lbs. while others can support up to 300 lbs.

Make sure it's comfortable: some have adjustable and/or detachable seats that offer support along with adjustable footrests to accommodate people of different heights. Storage space for snacks, drinks, and other essentials is also useful.

Make sure that it's made of durable, reinforced, thick material, especially for inflatable kayaks. This should include water testing to confirm extra-tight seals, stabilized plastic, and UV protection against extreme heat and temperatures.

Kayaks should come with all the accessories you need, including kayak paddle and fins, as well as, with inflatable kayaks, foot or hand pumps and a repair kit.