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29 results

Keep your console and accessories ready with Xbox 360 Cables and Power

As a device that straddled the transition between the standard definition and high definition generation of video games, there are plenty of ways to setup an Xbox 360 console. From cables and accessories for audio/video, battery charging, and more, be prepared for your next marathon Xbox 360 gaming session with a wide selection of Xbox 360 cables and power accessories.

Xbox 360 audio/video cables

When the Xbox 360 console was first released in 2005, high definition television was on the horizon, but certainly not the standard in the home of average consumers. Over the lifespan of the console however, HD technology became much more affordable. As a result, the Xbox 360 console was designed and redesigned over time to connect to both standard and high definition televisions, and as such there are a number of different styles of Xbox 360 audio/video cables available.

Common audio/video cables for the Xbox 360 range from high definition HDMI cables to RGB component cables that are also capable of outputting 1080p HD, through to standard RCA A/V cables that are typically used to connect to older CRT televisions and monitors. There are Xbox 360-compatible audio/video cables available for nearly every type of display.

The Xbox 360 is also compatible with digital optical audio cables, which may be used under some circumstances for an improved experience depending on your audio setup.

Xbox 360 power supplies and power converters

The Xbox 360 console went through a number of revisions throughout its lifespan, including significant changes to its power supply. This means that not every Xbox 360 power supply is compatible with every Xbox 360 console model. Luckily replacement power supplies can be purchased for every variation of the Xbox 360 console.

Replacing the specific model of Xbox 360 power supply you require may be easy enough, but some consumers may already have an Xbox 360 power supply available that is the wrong model for the console they are trying to power. In this case it may not be necessary to purchase an entirely new power supply however. There are also a number of Xbox 360 power converters on the market. These power converters connect to one model of Xbox 360 power supply to create compatibility with another, such as making an original Xbox 360 power supply compatible with an Xbox 360 Slim console.

Xbox 360 battery packs and charging cables

The standard Xbox 360 controller operates on two AA batteries—which can be a real strain on gamers who constantly have to purchase and replace dead batteries. Rechargeable battery packs make an excellent solution for this issue however, providing endless play without having to keep a supply of disposable AA’s on hand.

Some rechargeable battery packs come complete with a docking station, where battery pack-powered Xbox 360 controllers can be plugged into a cradle to charge when not in use. These stations are also capable of charging two controllers simultaneously. This not only ensures your controllers are fully charged each time you are ready to play, it also reduces the clutter from extra wires and keeps your gaming area neat and organized.

Other rechargeable battery packs work in tandem with Xbox 360 controller charging cables. The upside to a charging cable is that you can use the controller even as it charges, provided that your Xbox 360 console is close enough for the cable to reach comfortably. Many charging cables are designed with this feature in mind and come in lengths of 6 feet or longer.