Kids Bluetooth Headphones

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Avoid the mess of cords and cables with Bluetooth kids headphones

Bluetooth kids headphones are available on-ear or in-ear and keep your child free of cables and cords

Whether your child is learning in an online class or just relaxing with music or a video game, you don’t want to untangle their children’s headphone cord every time they need to plug in. Bluetooth kids headphones make it easy to connect to any Bluetooth device. They are specifically designed for children so they are safe for your child to wear, and they connect to a computer, tablet, or phone with just a tap. The best wireless Bluetooth kids headphones are available in on-ear or in-ear styles and have a long-lasting battery, comfortable ear cups or customizable earbuds, and optional noise cancellation or sound reduction. On-ear Bluetooth kids headphones come in fun colours and have adjustable head straps so they fit comfortably. Some children’s headphones are even available with volume-limiting so your child can’t turn up the volume past a safe level.