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Which Samsung refrigerator will you choose?

With a Samsung refrigerator in your kitchen, you have enough space to store family-sized bags of groceries. Whether you choose a Samsung refrigerator French door or a Samsung refrigerator Smart fridge, you’ll have ample storage and unique cooling technology that’s designed to help keep your food fresh for longer.

Choose your Samsung fridge style

With so many different styles of Samsung refrigerator to choose from, there is one to suit every type of kitchen. If you like versatility when storing your food, a Samsung refrigerator French door or Samsung refrigerator 4 door is a good choice. It has compartments for all types of fresh and frozen food.

A Samsung side by side refrigerator offers you a full side for freezer and full side for refrigerator, and there is also a Samsung refrigerator Counter Depth if you’d like your fridge to be flush with your cabinetry.

Unique features on Samsung refrigerators

Samsung refrigerators are designed with unique features that set them apart from other brands.

FlexZone compartment

When you choose a Samsung refrigerator with FlexZone compartments you can convert your fridge to a freezer or vice versa. There are 5 pre-set temperature modes to choose from.

Triple Cooling system

You’ll love the interior space on your Samsung refrigerator French door, and the Triple Cooling system will optimize the temperature in 3 compartments so your food stays fresh and food odours don’t mix.

Samsung refrigerator ice maker

The icemaker on your new Samsung refrigerator offers you a variety of cubed ice and ice bites so you always have ice for parties. Some models of Samsung refrigerator also have an Autofill Water Pitcher that automatically fills up with purified water. You can even use the built-in infuser to add fruits and herbs to your water.

Samsung refrigerator smart fridge

Samsung refrigerators have smart technology built in. Some models of Samsung smart fridge have full LCD screens you can use to watch videos, stream music, or share your family’s schedule. You can connect to Wi-Fi and use the internal cameras to see exactly what’s inside your fridge when you’re at the grocery store, or order groceries right on the door of your Samsung refrigerator.

Bring home the entire suite of Samsung appliances

A new Samsung refrigerator will be the perfect complement to your existing Samsung appliances. Choose a Samsung dishwasher or Samsung range to match your Samsung refrigerator and achieve a cohesive, modern style in your kitchen. Find the perfect Samsung refrigerator for you at Best Buy.

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