Short Throw Projectors

Get the big-screen experience minus the bulky setup with a short throw projector.

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  • Project big images in small spaces with short throw projectors

    When you want to watch bigger, brighter movies at home, a projector is the device that delivers. There are a lot of different types of projectors, but if you’re tight on space and still want to enjoy the large screen experience only a projector can provide, you’ll want to take a look at short throw projectors.

    What is a short throw projector?

    A short throw projector is a projector that’s designed to project an image from a distance of 3 to 8 feet away from the screen. This is a style of projector that people often choose to mount on the wall or ceiling so it’s close to the projector screen. Having your projector mounted or placed close to your projector screen will increase colour vibrancy, reduce shadows, and help avoid potential eye glare.

    While it’s mounted close to your screen, that short distance won’t affect how large of an image it can project. Depending on what model of short throw projector you choose, it can project an image of 100 inches or more while still retaining colour, clarity, and contrast. You don’t need a special screen for a short throw projector, but you’ll want to look for a screen size of 8 feet wide or smaller.

    Short throw projectors are not as bright as long throw LED projectors or laser projectors. They average approximately 3000 lumens.

    How short throw projectors work?

    A short throw projector sends light from the lens to your projector screen. That lens is designed specifically to display large images from a short distance, and you’ll be able to project that 100- inch image from a distance as small as 4 feet.

    Short throw projectors are available in the same formats as other projectors, so you’ll find every type from short throw 4k projectors to short throw laser projectors. This type of projector is available from your favourite brands too, and you can choose from Epson short throw projectors, LG short throw projectors, and BenQ short throw projectors.

    Short throw projectors vs ultra short throw projectors

    A short throw projector is great for small rooms because it can project from a distance of 4 feet, but an ultra short throw projector can perform the same action from a shorter distance. You can place an ultra short throw projector directly underneath or above your projector screen because they have a mirror by the lens that reflects light and directs that image to the screen.

    An ultra short throw projector generally needs very specific screen placement as many models won’t have zoom built in. Short throw projectors offer you a little more versatility as many types do offer zoom, so you can customize your placement and picture quality from a slightly longer distance.

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