Twin XL Mattresses

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Go long with a twin XL mattress

Twin XL mattresses are designed for a single person but are extra-long to accommodate those who are taller than average.

What is a twin XL sized mattress?

A twin XL sized mattress measures 38 x 80 inches in size to accommodate people who are six feet or taller, or kids who might possibly grow to that height. Compared to a regular twin mattress, which is 38 inches wide x 75 inches in length, a twin XL mattress adds an extra five inches to the length so you can fully stretch out your legs, with room to spare. A length of 80 inches is more than 6.6 feet.

A twin XL sized mattress still offers the same width to accommodate a single person as a standard twin mattress. If the room or area where it will be placed can accommodate the extra length, a twin XL mattress might offer a more comfortable sleep for taller individuals and growing kids.

A twin XL mattress might also be handy for someone who has a dog that likes to sleep at the foot of the bed.

Do two twin XL mattresses equal a king?

Since a king-sized bed typically measures 76 x 80 inches, a twin XL mattress is indeed the same size as a king. Thus, you could get two twin XL mattresses to use with a king-sized bed frame if desired. This could be for two people who sleep together but require different firmness levels, or if one person tends to move around a lot and disrupts the other.

Note, however, that twin XL sized mattresses aren't as common as other sizes, and the same goes for accessories for them. With that said, a twin blanket typically measures 66 x 90 inches, so it will fit a twin XL mattress, though it might be tight with an extra-thick one.

A twin comforter is usually 68 x 88 compared to about 68 x 90 inches with a twin XL comforter, so it should fit as well. A king-sized comforter is usually about 102 x 92 inches, so it should also drape nicely over two twin XL sixed mattresses.

What types are twin XL mattresses are available?

Twin XL mattresses come in all the same types as you'd find with other sized mattresses, with depths ranging from as thin as 6 inches, ideal for a bed in an RV, camper, or bunk beds, up to as thick as 16 inches for a main bed and frame.

There are pocket coil designs, gel or visco-elastic memory foam, inner spring, and flat top twin XL mattresses. You can get ones with a memory foam or plush topper, and even ones with an antimicrobial layer for added protection against germs. Like other mattress sizes, there are convenient twin XL mattresses in a box.

Twin XL mattresses are available from all the top manufacturers, including Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, Kingsdown, Simmons Beautyrest, Casper, Polysleep, Bloom, Emma, Distinction Series, and more.