Twin Mattresses

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Twin mattresses are perfect for small rooms

What size is a twin mattress and who are they good for?

There are two twin mattress sizes: twin and twin XL. A standard twin mattress measures 38 x 75 inches (96.5 x 190.5 cm) while the longer twin XL is 38 x 80 inches (96.5 x 203 cm). By comparison, the one step up double/full mattress is 75 x 53 inches (134.5 x 190.5 cm), making it significantly larger.

Twin mattresses are most often found in kids' rooms, on bunk beds, or for single sleepers, including both kids and adults. Because they are longer, twin XL mattresses are ideal for taller kids and adults who need the extra leg room. They are also popular for dorm rooms, or any rooms that are narrower in design, such as what you might find in a small apartment.

What types of twin mattresses can you get and how do you choose the right one?

Twin mattresses come in the same types as other mattress sizes, including memory foam and gel memory foam, pocket coil, innerspring, and even orthopedic. You'll find latex more commonly offered in twin mattress sizes as the option is well suited to occasional use, such as for guests, sleepovers, bunk beds, roll-away beds, and camping.

Like other mattress sizes, twin mattresses also vary in thickness and firmness. Memory foam is ideal if you sleep soundly in one spot while coils are better for sleepers who toss and turn. Gel memory foam is worth considering for those who sweat a lot since it absorbs moisture and eliminates odour.

When it comes to firmness, soft is best for light and side sleepers and firm for back or stomach sleepers, while medium is most popular. Other things to consider include hypoallergenic material and if you'll be using a box spring (if not, consider a thicker mattress.)

What else is worth getting along with a twin mattress?

Especially if the mattress will be used on a bed for a child, particularly one who is only recently transitioning to a full-sized bed, you will want to invest in a waterproof mattress protector/topper to keep the mattress itself protected from night-time accidents and other spills. But overall, a mattress protector helps extend the life of the mattress and keep it clean.

If you often get cold at night, consider opting for an electric heated mattress cover pad for some added cozy warmth, along with a plush duvet.

Naturally, you'll also need sheets, including right sized fitted and top sheets along with pillowcases.

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