Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System with 1080p HD Night Vision and Two-Way Audio (P311US)

Model Number: P311US
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Nanit Pro Complete Monitoring System with 1080p HD Night Vision and Two-Way Audio


Get everything you need to keep a watchful eye on your baby with this Nanit Pro complete monitoring system. It comes with a video monitor that transmits in 1080p HD so you can view your little one clearly while two-way audio allows you to hear and speak to them. The system comes complete with a band to monitor their breathing and a smart sheet for easy measurements of your child's growth.
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Get everything you need to keep a watchful eye on your baby with this Nanit Pro complete monitoring system. It comes with a video monitor that transmits in 1080p HD so you can view your little one clearly while two-way audio allows you to hear and speak to them. The system comes complete with a band to monitor their breathing and a smart sheet for easy measurements of your child's growth.

  • Video/audio baby monitor allows you to see and hear your baby for peace of mind throughout the night
  • 1080p HD video with a bird's-eye view, night vision, and zoom provides a clear view of your little one while they sleep
  • Temperature and humidity sensors help you to ensure the ambient comfort of the nursery
  • Real-time sound and motion notifications with adjustable sensitivity levels keep you instantly informed if your baby wakes up
  • Two-way audio and 24/7 background audio allow you to listen in and speak to your child for soothing comfort
  • Parenting team access gives all of your baby's caregivers access to monitoring
  • 256-bit encryption and two-factor verification keep the feed secure
  • Safe cable management system helps to prevent the monitor from getting unplugged or pulled over
  • Includes Nanit Pro camera, wall mount, small Breathing Band, Nanit Smart Sheet, and Nanit Multi-Stand
Transmission Range
Maximum Supported Cameras
Power Source
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Night Vision
Two Way Communication
Sound Machine
Video Recording
Movement Monitor Included
Room Temperature Monitoring
Remote View
Compatible Smartphone/Tablets
iOS; Android; Kindle Fire; or Echo Show device


10.66 cm
20 cm
8 cm
910 g
  • Nanit Pro Camera and Wall Mount
  • 1 Small Breathing Band
  • 1 Nanit Smart Sheet
  • Nanit Multi-Stand

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  • Best Baby Monitor Ever
    Reviewed by MisfitOne - May 3, 2022

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This thing is loaded with features! I have never seen such a feature packed baby monitor before. I'm not even sure I should call it that due to how amazing it is. The Nanit will measure your babies length, monitor their breathing, tell you how much sleep they got, play sounds, has a built in nightlight, will tell you the room temperature, plus show you video clips of waking times on top of having live viewing with audio. I received this product through the Stellar Product Testing Panel at the perfect time as my baby had recently gotten sick and was having trouble with clogged sinuses and having a breathing monitor with alarms is a great piece of mind. The app is so easy to use and just simply works. I would recommend this to anybody with a baby!

    Review originally posted on Nanit

  • Nanit Pro has thought of everything
    Reviewed by MTFamilyof7 - May 2, 2022

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] The Nanit Pro installation was clear and came with great directions to follow using either the booklet or through the app. The app is very user friendly, and I appreciated that it walked me through setting up my baby’s info. It has built in tutorials/instructions for accessing all of the different features. The HD monitor is great- I can see a clear picture of my daughter in her crib both during the day and at night. The breathing band that came with my monitoring system was too small for my baby, but this is an amazing feature. I love that it is sensor free so no tech is touching baby. The band has a unique pattern that the camera uses to track baby’s breathing….amazing!! Features like this are priceless. The smart sheet…what an incredible feature. All I have to do to measure my baby is lay her down and take a video clip. I love that I can track her growth so easily and the app stores her measurements for me! The data provided from Insights is great- I can see how long she slept, when she woke up, and I can go back and view video clips from her sleeping or waking. I love having this info as I can learn her sleep patterns better. It gives you a summary of her sleep in a cute little video too. Nothing sweeter than watching your baby sleep! I’m having a hard time picking a favorite feature. I love that the monitor has great night vision, a nightlight, built in sound machine, and two-way audio. But my favorite feature might be the portable multi stand. This allows us to travel with our monitor, and we will be able to use it as a nanny cam as baby gets older. The insights data will be used daily- and I can see myself wanting to measure her often…with it being so simple with the smart sheet, why not?! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with the Nanit Pro Complete baby monitoring system!

    Review originally posted on Nanit

  • Nanit baby monitor
    Reviewed by Lexi - May 5, 2022

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received the Nanit pro complete baby monitor system thanks to Stellar Product testing panel. We haven’t had it long so I can’t stay how it is long term but so far it’s been pretty good to us with some cons. I’ll list the biggest pros and cons, but be prepared for a long review! Pros: 1. The monitor HD is pretty great compared to other high end baby monitors. The quality is good but I think a lot of it has to do with your internet connection. When we’d have bad connection, our quality wasn’t great, but still do able. 2. I truly enjoy that the monitor viewing screen is on your phone. It’s a simple step by step app that anyone could use with multiple users. My husband and I could both use/view the app at the same time with notifications being sent to both of us. My husband works long hours and this has been a special way for him to still enjoy being a part of the day. He could open his app and see our son taking a nap or in the play yard. 3. The system came with a wall mount, a multi stand, and the camera that attaches. I have set the multi stand in the living room to view our giant play pen and the wall mount is above the crib. Since I work at home, it is super easy to detach the camera from the wall mount and connect it to the multi stand into the living room and view on my phone. It also have a very wide view, you can basically see the whole living room. 4. The smart sheet is nice and pretty accurate! My son had his 1 year check up and he was measured at the doctors as 28.75 inches. That night we went home and he was sleeping on his belly, and on the smart sheets he measured 28.5 inches. (May have been more accurate if he was sleeping on his back per the instructions.) 5. Being able to look on the app and view his sleep pattern throughout the night was convenient. You can see when he gets up, even if he doesn’t fuss. 6. Setting up the camera and cords was super easy and EVERYTHING you basically needed came with it. The cords were easy to hide and put my mind at ease knowing my little one can’t pull it down or wrap the cords around him. Cons: 1. Wish they have more patterns for the smart sheet, it’s pretty girly to me even though I only got the black. 2. The pro complete pack only comes with a size small breathing band 0-3 months which was bummer. I was excited to try it out, then to find out it’s to small and you’d have purchased other sizes. 3. The notifications for movement is very sensitive, even after turning the sensitivity way down. It catches when our door hanger moves through the window in our living room, or a shadow from the fan in our room. Overall this is a great system and I’m excited to use it for many years to come through out more babies and their life span! I would highly recommend this monitor system to any parent!

    Review originally posted on Nanit

    Reviewed by APRICE - May 3, 2022

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received the Nanit Pro Complete Baby Monitoring System from Stellar Product Testing Panel and I can honestly say this is peak parenting right here. We had another system that needed to be bolted into the wall, routinely gave us the spinning wheel of doom and when one is a first time parent, that's an added level of stress you don't need! My husband is Mr. I've never met a screw I can't strip or a nail I won't bend and the fact that this system utilizes paint safe stickies to mount and has wire covers integrated (no screws needed) we had this puppy set up in minutes. Literally ready to use in minutes. The app is user friendly, and even before diving in to all of the fancy shmancy features, the Nanit is ready to use immediately as a monitor. We are currently using the wall mount but are most exciting for the ability to use the table stand. Both mounts have a very nice wide field of vision. I was concerned at first that my phone would go to sleep due to inactivity and I would not hear when my dude cried out or woke up, but the app keeps your phone active (so make sure you plug it in!). For those that don't want the monitor on all night, you can set the app up to send notifications for varying sensitivities- motion, sound, humidity, temperature, breathing motion. Technology these days really is crazy. We are currently using the wall mount but are most exciting for the ability to use the table stand. We have a vacation and a wedding in the next month and were stressing out about the inability to monitor our little one/which one of us will call it quits early to spend the night with our tiny man. All we have to do is set up the stand and boom, baby monitor. Our neighbors are so jealous that we don't have to set up a monitor with an antenna sticking up in one magical corner of our room to see a crystal clear image of our kiddo. Even when we are out of town we can take a peek since this works over wifi! We also love that we can invite others to use the app. Grandparents watching the little for a few days are quickly set up in the Nanit app. We were unable to use the included breathing band since I now have a one year old (but look forward to keeping that around for baby #2). We did give the measurement tool a go with the magical sheets and in spite of our dude wiggling around the data was pretty accurate! We also keep a humidifier in his room and the numbers shown in the app match up with the humidifier pretty closely (within a couple percentage points). If we hadn't already purchased a noise machine this would have been such an amazing one and done device. So far we have no complaints and absolutely recommend the Nanit system not only for it's reliably clear image but also for the ability to take it on the go. Such a relief to have one less worry as a new parent!

    Review originally posted on Nanit

  • Great quality monitor
    Reviewed by HHanson - May 3, 2022

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received this monitor for free through Stellar Product Testing Panel and I was SO excited! I’ve used 3 other baby monitors between my 3 kiddos and I was so excited to try this one. Overall, this is a really incredible monitor system! I just wish it had a few more features that some of my other monitors had. I’ll start by listing the great things about this monitor! - This monitor has an incredible camera. The picture is detailed and night vision was fantastic! - You can set a custom zone on your monitor so it know exactly what the perimeter is to your crib space or floor bed/toddler bed for monitoring purposes. - This monitor comes with a super cool band that can Velcro around your baby’s chest (loosely, similar to a swaddle velcro style band). It picks up chest movement and alerts you if there is a pause in breathing when they are wearing this (HOW COOL?!). There is also an option to purchase other styles of monitoring clothing as your baby grows. Such as pajamas for toddlers and older babies, swaddle set for newbies, or this band it comes with. The band is available in all different sizes. I love this option over a foot pulse ox style monitor for breathing because there is no room for a poor waveform reading. I feel like this would overall be more accurate and reliable and as a NICU nurse I would feel confident in this style breathing monitoring for my baby. - Another super fun thing this monitor can do is measure your baby’s growth! There is a “smart sheet” and the monitor can keep track of milestone growth and actually measure your baby! - The app is super easy to use. Setup of the monitor was so simple. It took 5 minutes to get this monitor up and running and is very user friendly. - This monitor comes with great options as far as installation. You can drill it and secure it into your wall. All of the necessary pieces come with it. AND I was very impressed with this option for installation already comes with pre attached CORD COVERS! So convenient, safe, and very aesthetically pleasing. You can also put it on a dresser, or buy a tall pole that can give a birds eye view without having to screw the monitor into the wall. - The monitor is a square. You can attach and detach it from any and all of the previous mentioned installation options by removing it and snapping it onto the other option. This allows quick and easy movement between rooms, as well as a super easy and convenient option for traveling with your monitor. Loved this feature! - The app is incredible. I literally just opened the app from work and saw my baby sleeping. - The app allows you to lock your screen and will still play noise in the background of all apps open on your phone, as well as when the phone screen is off and locked. - If there is movement or noise, your phone will get a notification even if the app is not open. These are able to be turned off, as well. The con list: - I wish this monitor was able to be adjusted from the app. That way I could scan a room if my baby were to climb out of the crib. This would also be a great option for once the crib is no longer needed and a toddler bed/floor bed is in use and my child gets out of bed. The lens IS a wide angle lens, which helps, but I wish I could move the camera to scan. This is the only reason I did not rate this 5 stars because I’ve used this option so many times with a different monitor system for my older kiddos. - I wish there was an option to have a table top monitor that was not part of an app on my phone. For times when I put my phone down and misplace it (2628483 times a day because mom brain). I also was not able to hear the monitor when I was talking on the phone. So if my baby woke up while I was on the phone I would get a push notification, I just couldn’t hear the monitor. Not a big deal, but just wish there was the option. Overall I am very very impressed by this monitor. The quality is there and I love how many unique features it offers over its competitors!!

    Review originally posted on Nanit

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