Nanit Pro Video Baby Monitor with Wall Mount and Sleep Tracking (N311CA)

Model Number: N311CA
Web Code: 15302590

Nanit Pro Video Baby Monitor with Wall Mount and Sleep Tracking


Keep tabs on your little one all night long with the Nanit Pro video baby monitor. It provides clear views of your nursery in sharp 1080p HD along with constant background audio monitoring and comforting two-way talk. It comes complete with a Breathing Band so you can track your baby's sleep for added peace of mind.
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Keep tabs on your little one all night long with the Nanit Pro video baby monitor. It provides clear views of your nursery in sharp 1080p HD along with constant background audio monitoring and comforting two-way talk. It comes complete with a Breathing Band so you can track your baby's sleep for added peace of mind.

  • Video/audio baby monitor allows you to see and hear your baby for peace of mind throughout the night
  • 1080p HD video with a bird's-eye view, night vision, and zoom provides a clear view of your little one while they sleep
  • Temperature and humidity sensors help you to ensure the ambient comfort of the nursery
  • Real-time sound and motion notifications with adjustable sensitivity levels keep you instantly informed if your baby wakes up
  • Two-way audio and 24/7 background audio allow you to listen in and speak to your child for soothing comfort
  • Parenting team access gives all of your baby's caregivers access to monitoring
  • 256-bit encryption and two-factor verification keep the feed secure
  • Safe cable management system helps to prevent the monitor from getting unplugged or pulled over
  • Includes Nanit Pro camera, wall mount, and small Breathing Band
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Night Vision
Two Way Communication
Sound Machine
Video Recording
Movement Monitor Included
Room Temperature Monitoring
Remote View
Compatible Smartphone/Tablets
iOS; Android; Kindle Fire; or Echo Show device


10.66 cm
20 cm
8 cm
910 g
  • Nanit Pro Camera and Wall Mount
  • 1 Small Breathing Band

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  • Awesome Monitor
    Reviewed by Tikatz28 - February 21, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I was given this baby monitor to try as part of the Stellar Product Testing Panel. Overall its a great baby monitor. The app has so many features that it makes this monitor worth the price. I liked how it tracks the babies activities with notifications and videos while giving me in-depth insights on my babies sleep. It also measures the temp and humidity in the room which is a plus. The set up and camera with the wall mount is great as well as the instructions for it. The monitor allows me to captures so much and also offers the breathing band option incase i want the extra layer of tracking. It really does so much in terms of monitoring my baby. Nanit really thought of everything.

    Review originally posted on Nanit

  • Practically Perfect
    Reviewed by Mstowers - February 20, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] Wow! This is an incredible monitor. The HD quality within the app is beautiful. Not only can I see my son clearly, but I can also get great pictures of him looking so peaceful in his crib. The app itself is a dream. It has something called “insights” which provides you with data and tips on improving sleep for your kids! So helpful! From my phone I can also see my son, hear him, talk to him, or turn on a small light and sounds! This Monitor is a mini sound machine with waves, white noise, birds, and wind! There is also a safety feature that monitors your baby’s breathing. The app can monitor this with the included breathing band, which definitely gives piece of mind to nervous moms, like me. There’s a loud alarm that will sound through the camera and the app if your baby stops breathing. The only caveat here is that you need the band or one of the sleep sacks Nanit has in order for it to work. My son is only 3 months old, but was 6 weeks early so he isn’t rolling yet. I would have preferred the sleep sack, since he is still swaddled. Install was simple and straight forward. The box provided everything needed to set up and have properly aligned. I’ve always been a bit nervous/skeptical about monitors that connect to your phone, but now I’m hooked! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this baby monitor.

    Review originally posted on Nanit

  • Everything you want in a baby monitor!
    Reviewed by carleym93 - February 21, 2021

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I’m a mama of 3 littles, which means I’ve cycled through my fair share of baby monitors. We have always used video monitors because I need the peace of mind of actually seeing my baby when they’re in a seperate space. My checklist for a video monitor is that it has to have a clear and consistent picture, two way talk audio, temperature monitoring, and a secure network. Enter Nanit Pro! Thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel, we were able to try this in my 7 week old’s nursery and it is a game changer. This monitor not only meets all of my criteria, but has some features I didn’t even know I needed! The picture on this monitor is by far the clearest we have ever seen. It monitors not only room temperature, but also humidity. The two way talk feature is fantastic, and it is security encrypted which means I feel complete peace about using it. The bonus features put this monitor way above the rest. We absolutely love the nightlight feature, and the sleep tracking feature is AMAZING! I don’t know what magic it uses, but it can track how long baby sleeps, as well as interventions by mom or dad (like replacing pacis) and when we actually remove him from the crib. The app is really easy to navigate, and we haven’t had any glitches. My favorite feature by far is the breathing monitoring. There are other products on the market that do this, and I never purchased them because I was weary about placing a piece of equipment on my baby’s body. The people at Nanit knocked this one out of the park, because being able to track my baby’s breathing with no equipment has been amazing and allows me to sleep so much better knowing we will be alerted should something be amiss. The sleep insight data is really helpful, and I can imagine it will be even more helpful as my son grows. I love being able to see patterns of sleep, and it allows us to gather information on his overall state. He had a lip tie lasered while we were using this monitor and we could see his pain level reflecting through the sleep data. That allowed us to know when he needed medication and as he was recovering, his sleep was reflecting peaceful sleep. Aesthetically it is also very pleasing. I love how it looks in our nursery. It doesn’t look like a bulky monitor, it totally matches our style. There were a few downsides for us. Probably the biggest one is that at night, the camera emits a slight red light from the camera. This isn’t an issue now, as I doubt my son can even see it but I worry it may be distracting as he grows. The other down side is that sometimes the insight feature will log awake time as sleep time if my son is still. We placed him in the crib awake while we tended to another child of ours, and it logged that time as sleep time in the app but he was very much awake! He just wasn’t moving. However, as he grows and is able to move his body more, I don’t see this being an issue because it will more easily distinguish between asleep and awake. Overall we were beyond pleased with this product! I have already recommended to several friends and I think every new and seasoned mama is in need of this product!

    Review originally posted on Nanit

  • Truly the BEST
    Reviewed by Kells - May 2, 2022

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] This baby monitor is life changing. I used a very simple monitor prior to this, and I will 100% never go back. It gives me so much peace of mind being able to track my baby’s breathing, movement, sounds, and sleep trends. My baby is a stomach-sleeper, so the breath tracking is especially important to me. We’ve mostly been using the Nanit PJ’s to track her breathing, but we’ve used the band a couple of times too and it seems to work just as great! The quality of the video is amazing, and the alerts are very accurate and reliable. We are currently renting and didn’t want to put holes in the walls, so we actually installed the monitor on a tall decorative piece of furniture in her room! It was very easy to install! The app is user-friendly and easy to navigate. Every morning my husband and I like to open the app and look at her insights data for the night, it’s so satisfying to see her sleep data laid out in numbers and graphs. I love this monitor so much, thanks to the Stellar Product Testing Panel for providing me with this!

    Review originally posted on Nanit

  • Sleepy time
    Reviewed by Kfritz3 - May 5, 2022

    [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] I received this product as a part of the Stellar Testing Panel. The wall mount monitor is much loved. There are so many features I have used and love. The app insights are so helpful to have I love them because they really point out certain things that will help improve his sleep but I don't really think about. For instance ours told us to focus on more consistent bed times. The belly band to monitor breathing is so helpful and really helps give peace of mind, especially since he had a cold and I was able to sleep knowing the monitor would inform me if there was an issue with his breathing. I also used the sheet to measure his height it was so quick and easy. I liked seeing the different updates and memories in the app a lot. I absolutely love that it also does the white noise and night light right on the camera. He goes right to sleep with the waves and white noise. Being able to keep eyes on him when I put him to bed is so important especially now that he is standing I can make sure he doesn't try and escape! It's such a great device for safety and peace of mind.

    Review originally posted on Nanit

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