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Insignia has technology and appliances designed for every room including TVs, washers, refrigerators, air conditioners, computer accessories, speakers, and much more

Whether you choose a 4K Insignia TV, want to keep cool with an Insignia portable air conditioner, or need an Insignia portable charger to keep your devices up and running, when you bring home Insignia you bring home a brand based on quality, reliability, and value.

Insignia TV

With so many different TVs on the market, how do you choose the best TV for your home? Choose a Best Buy Insignia TV and you’ll find different types and sizes for every room. For your living room you can choose a big screen Insignia TV like the Insignia 4K UHD HDR LED Smart TV. A smaller Insignia Roku TV, Insignia Smart TV, or Insignia 32 inch TV for your bedroom will keep you connected to your favourite streaming services.

Every Insignia TV has a spectacular picture, fast refresh rate for sports and other fast moving content, and some offer features including Fire TV for quick access to subscription services.

Insignia products for the kitchen and laundry

When you add an Insignia product to your kitchen, laundry, or bedroom, you get appliances that are built to last. An Insignia washing machine offers you a top load washer or portable option with large capacity to get you through the laundry pile faster.

Insignia refrigerators have all the features you’re looking for in a refrigerator in top freezer or French door models. There’s also different types of Insignia chest freezer to store your favourite frozen foods. When it’s time to whip up a dish, Insignia small appliances like Insignia air fryers and Insignia rice cookers will help you prepare every meal quickly and easily.

An Insignia air conditioner will keep every room cool when the temperatures are hot outside, and you can use an Insignia dehumidifier to reduce humidity build up in the winter.

Insignia brand chargers and power banks

Keeping your devices charged and ready to go is important. With an Insignia power bank or Insignia charger in your bag, you can keep your phone or tablet at full battery power. An Insignia travel adapter will keep you connected when you’re on the go, and an Insignia Bluetooth adapter will keep every one of your Bluetooth devices connected.

Insignia computer accessories

There’s a wide range of Insignia brand computer accessories and gaming accessories to choose from. Add an Insignia monitor to your desktop computer and enjoy bright, bold colours and quick response time for gaming. With an Insignia surge protector you won’t have to worry about electrical surges destroying your power supply, and Insignia headsets with microphones will keep you in the game and let you chat with online friends.

Insignia audio

You won’t believe your ears when you turn up the volume on your Insignia speakers. They’ll fill your home with the big, booming sound of your favourite playlists and podcasts. If you’d like to listen solo, Insignia wireless headphones will connect you to your streaming services without cords and cables.

You can also add an Insignia soundbar to your home theatre so you can amplify the sound for all of your movies and TV shows.

With such a wide variety of Insignia TVs, washing machines, fridges, air conditioners, computer accessories, and speakers, there’s an Insignia product for every home.