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Inside the house and out, Panasonic has you covered

Panasonic Audio, Video, and Phones

Panasonic can both take you back with audio products like portable AM/FM radios and boomboxes, and forward into the 21st century with modern tech like home theatre and stereo systems, compact audio systems, Bluetooth headphones that boast long battery life and built-in mics, noise-cancelling headphones, and sports earbuds for active individuals.

On the video end, Panasonic makes gorgeous flat-screen TVs ranging in size from 48” up to massive 75-inchers, boasting HD quality or 4K UHD for the brightest, boldest, most beautiful picture quality. Complementing that are 4K UHD Blu-ray players like the Panasonic UB820 that can connect via Wi-Fi and provide the best quality when watching Blu-ray movies on disc. For darker environments, like a basement, dedicated theatre room, or business setting, Panasonic makes a range of LCD projectors that offer high brightness and dynamic contrast ratio so you can catch every detail of your business presentation or video.

Don’t forget that Panasonic is also a leader in the cordless phones category with a selection of handsets that come in pairs, or in sets up to four or five. Some come with answering machines, multi-lines, and LCD screens making them ideal for the office or home. Dect 6.0 technology ensures a clear, uninterrupted signal path for making calls and getting good reception all over the house.

Panasonic Cameras and Batteries

Panasonic’s line-up of Lumix cameras runs the gamut, from Wi-Fi-enabled, waterproof and shockproof point & shoot cameras in vibrant colours, to mirrorless cameras with exceptional optical zoom, to enthusiast micro four thirds cameras, like the Panasonic lx100 ii, and professional and HD flash memory camcorders so you can capture all your memories and create new ones. Grab a camera on its own, with a lens, or a lens kit bundle. Don’t forget accessories like an extra battery, lens cap, and additional Leica lenses to meet all your shooting needs.

In addition to camera batteries, Panasonic makes tons of batteries for all kinds of electronics devices including Nimh, alkaline, and lithium, in all sizes from AAA up to D, and even 9Volt. Notable is the high-capacity eneloop pro line of rechargeable batteries and chargers that deliver consistent performance, come pre-charged, can be recharged up to 500 times, retain 85 percent of their charge for up to a year, and can withstand extreme temperatures.

Panasonic Appliances

Panasonic has been a staple in the kitchen for decades with products like its microwaves, including countertop, built-in, and over-the-range models that come in different sizes and with (optional) trim kits depending on your installation preference. Top Panasonic features include Inverter technology, convection cooking, and Genius Sensor cooking that ensures even and smart cooking of all types of foods.

Panasonic also makes many other small appliances, including rice cookers, multicookers, steamers, toaster ovens, immersion blenders, and tabletop blenders, so you’ll have everything ready for your next cooking session.

Panasonic Personal Care

With a selection of beard and hair trimmers, shavers with features like triple blades, wet/dry shavers, epilators, and bikini shapers/trimmers, Panasonic helps you get primped and ready in the morning.

Other items include flossers for maintaining good dental hygiene, blow dryers and other hair and beauty products, and even a blood pressure monitor to ensure you keep an eye on your health and wellness. Care for your baby, meanwhile, with Panasonic’s long-range baby monitor that includes top features like nigh vision, zoom, and pan/tilt capabilities.

From the kitchen to the living room to going out and about, Panasonic has all of the tech goodies to get your day going from start to finish.