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Polk Audio has technology for all your home theatre needs including speakers, sound bars, subwoofers, amplifiers and wireless audio

Polk Audio Speakers

When you’re shopping for high quality home theatre speakers, thumping subwoofers, eye-catching floor standing tower speakers, or compact bookshelf speakers, Polk Audio has what you need when it comes to audio. Polk Audio speakers offer high-performance audio for your home theatre or music studio. Many of the speakers made by Polk Audio let you leave the front grille on or take it off so you can customize your home theatre just the way you want it—so it looks and sounds amazing.

Whatever you’re listening to deserves a big sound. With Polk speakers at home, you get the ultimate in power, clarity and deep bass that elevates everything you listen to, from podcasts and music, to movies and TV.

Polk Audio Sound Bars & voice controlled Command Bars

Sometimes you want a sound bar to fill your room, other times you need a more compact solution. Polk Audio has quality options for any space or configuration—and any size TV.

Plus, whether you’re looking for a sound bar on its own, or one with a wireless subwoofer for rumbling bass, or for a Command Bar that lets you use Amazon Alexa voice control, you’ll find just the right options for your new 4K flatscreen TV.

Polk Audio Headphones

Choosing the right headphones is very personal. Do you prefer wireless headphones, or wired earphones? Sports headphones or noise isolating over-ear headphones for listening to music at home? Whichever headphones you prefer, Polk Audio has a pair that will provide a great, comfortable fit, while delivering top quality audio. Get stunning detail, full fidelity and deep bass to maximize performance in all Polk Audio headphones.

Don’t settle for headphones that sound hollow and flat. All Polk Audio headphones use today’s most advanced audio technology to correct the shortcomings of compressed digital audio, so your favourite music sounds just as intricate as a live performance.

Polk Car Audio & Outdoor speakers

Polk's audio technology has all the durability you expect from speakers that are made for use on the go—that’s what you get with Polk’s outdoor speaker lineup. Enjoy rich, clean, full-range sound, built into rugged, yet high quality speakers perfect for boats, cars, trucks, and even ATVs. On your porch, patio or pool deck, and even in the sauna, Polk Audio’s rugged loudspeakers let you bring high performance sound anywhere you want it.

Polk Audio Home theatre systems

If you’re looking to improve your home theatre audio, and also decide to purchase that new 4K TV to sound as good as it looks, choose Polk Audio components. Whether you want to put together a home theatre with components or choose a home theatre speaker system in a box, there are many quality options to choose from with Polk Audio speakers, sound bars and home audio packages.

Polk Audio Wireless Multi-room audio

When you need to have music without all the wiring and complications, Polk Audio wireless multi-room audio speakers let you have sound anywhere. Choose sleek and stylish portable wireless Wi-Fi speakers that can be moved around at will.

Polk wireless audio products create room-filling soundscapes for a solid connection to those digital jams—no matter where you are.

Polk Audio is setting the standard when it comes to audio components with great sound and good looks.