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  • A Mini-bar Is The Perfect Spot For Entertaining Friends And Family

    When you’re having guests over for a fun night in or you’re the house of choice for family get-togethers, there’s nothing like having a mini bar set up in the corner of your living room or home theatre. It’s the perfect spot to serve a full range of spirits, cocktails, and fun beverages to your friends and loved ones.

    Tools and accessories for your mini bar

    Best Buy has all of the barware accessories and tools you’ll need to set up the perfect mini bar at home. With these mini bar tools and accessories, you’ll be able to make the best drinks for all of your guests.

    Corkscrews and bottle openers

    Not every bottle is twist off, and it’s important to have a bottle opener to pop the cap off a bottle of soda or sparkling cider. Wine bottles are sealed with a cork. To enjoy your glass of wine you’ll need a corkscrew to insert and twist out the cork.

    Decanters and Wine Aerators

    Wine aficionados will tell you wine, especially white wine, needs to breathe before it’s served. You can use a wine tool like a decanter to slowly pour the wine into your glass. Decanters are glass bottles or containers that remove any sediment from the wine so it stays in the bottle.

    While some people may use the terms decanter and wine aerator as one in the same, the two are separate wine accessories. A wine aerator will oxygenate your wine without the use of a decanter.

    Cocktail shakers and mixing tools

    If you or your friends enjoy a variety of unique cocktails, one of your favourite bar accessories will be a cocktail shaker. Cocktail shakers hold alcohol, ice, and other liquids. Once everything is added you cap your cocktail shaker and shake until your drink is perfectly blended.

    You can also choose other mixing tools including cocktail jiggers for accurate measurements, strainers to remove excess pulp, and stirrers to ensure your drinks stays perfectly blended.

    Bar Caddy dispensers

    When mixing up a lot of drinks in a hurry, easy access to your bottles is important. A bar caddy will hold all of your bottles and bar accessories in a ready-to-pour position, while a wall mounted liquid dispenser will put your bottles on the wall for one-touch pouring.

    When stocking up on bar supplies, don’t forget the furniture

    Bar furniture can make the difference between a basic mini-bar with only a few functions to a fully set up bar your friends will want to hang out at for hours.

    Wine racks and wine shelves are the perfect way to store and display your wine collection. Designed to hold your wine in the perfect position, you’ll have your bottles on hand and ready to serve. Bottle holders are also a great way to display your bottles, and let you pour a shot of your favourite liquor in a hurry.

    Bar accessories and wine accessories make great gifts

    Even if you don’t have your own mini-bar, bar supplies and wine accessories make great gifts for a friend or loved one. It lets them serve up a special drink without ever having to leave the house and gives them a spot to entertain when they have a group over.