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30 results

Every House Needs a Corkscrew and Bottle Opener

A corkscrew and bottle opener are essential tools, easily and conveniently opening corked bottles of wine or capped beer or soda.

Available in fun modern or classic designs, a corkscrew inserts a screw into the wooden cork and uses levers or other mechanisms to pull it out. A bottle or beer opener, meanwhile, fits neatly over a bottle cap to pop it off with a flick of the wrist.

They’re essential for opening bottles, especially if you often host social gatherings. Also perfect for camping or the cottage, a handy corkscrew or bottle opener are perfect gifts for a wine or beer lover.

Common types of corkscrews

While the basic concept of a corkscrew, or wine opener, is the same, there are variuos types, each of which works differently to accommodate preferences.

With a standard twist corkscrew, twist a handle while a concave disc between it and the screw glides the cork out of the bottle. A waiter’s corkscrew has a double hinge for leverage so the cork can be removed easily once the screw has been inserted. A winged corkscrew has a double lever and screw; and a lever or “bunny ears” corkscrew has two handles that squeeze together as a screw pulls the cork out. For an effortless experience, push a button on a battery-operated electric corkscrew to spin the cork out.

What to look for in a corkscrew and bottle cap opener

When choosing a corkscrew, try them to see what’s most comfortable. Some people find waiter’s or winged corkscrews too difficult, preferring the traditional design of a twist corkscrew. If you have arthritis, you might prefer to go electric to avoid putting strain on your joints and hands. Look for features like a built-in spring or spring assist that helps the cork come out without you having to tug at it.

With electric corkscrews, opt for one that’s cordless and with a battery that can last for many opens per charge. A stylish recharging base means you can leave it on display, plugged in and always ready to go.

Many corkscrews come with handy built-in foil cutters, and some have built-in bottle openers, too. Magnetic bottle openers are great on their own, meanwhile, because you can mount them on the side of the fridge to grab whenever you need it.

Consider an accessory set for the mini bar or dining area that includes multiple tools along with the corkscrew, like a bottle opener, bottle stopper to keep wine fresh for the next night, and a stylish case. For gifts, look at unique bottle openers with funky designs, like ones that are designed in the shape of a stiletto heel, or wine opener sets that come in a clever case made to look like a bottle itself.