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38 results


Decadent Decanters for your Classic Bar Cart

When it comes to sipping a great beverage, your wine or whiskey decanter can make all the difference. More than just an ornament for serving, decanters can change the lifespan and flavour profile of the liquid that they contain. It is a great wine accessory to own as, certain styles are excellent for opening up a bottle of wine, while others will keep a fine scotch safely stored.

(And okay, sometimes decanters really are just there to be ornamental—but it’s worth it to compliment the rest of your style!)

What to Look for in a Wine Decanter

Unlike many fine experiences, red wine is a drink that is often best served slightly oxidized. Letting your wine “breathe” before serving it softens the astringent tannins inherent in red wine, letting you get right to the delicious aromas at its core.

Rich, full-bodied wines do best in a decanter with a wide base, and often continue to improve for 1-2 hours. Budget buys will thrive in the same style of decanter, but need more rigorous oxygenation; try shaking or swirling a partially-poured bottle before emptying it into the decanter, and then leaving it for about 20 minutes. Hourglass-shaped decanters are excellent all-around options, and duck decanters will provide the maximum amount of oxygenation in a stylish shape.

Thin decanters are better for wines with a lot of sediment, such as an aged wine, while young wines will thrive in a medium-wide decanter. To serve your wine quickly (or oxygenate a bottle of wine in a small apartment kitchen), try a wine aerator that attaches to the bottle itself.

Whiskey, Scotch, and Brandy Decanters

If you’ve been under the impression that hard liquor decanters are just for aesthetics… Well, you’d be correct. Unlike wine, hard liquors don’t need to breathe. There’s no need to oxidize your drink in a scotch decanter, or remove sediment in a whiskey decanter. These pieces of glassware are simply an aesthetic choice, adding a bit of class to a bottle of liquor that may not come in the most stylish packaging.

When choosing a liquor decanter, make sure to check for an airtight seal. The only thing you don’t want is for your alcohol to oxidize in the bottle. Both glass and lead-free crystal will deliver the same results, so select your bottle based on what suits your style, bar cart, and personal tastes. As long as you’re selecting a high-quality decanter with a tight seal, everything else is up to you!