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A Calculator for Every Type of Equations

A calculator can do everything from calculate complex problems in science, engineering, or mathematics to calculating complex financial equations you need to know for your job. It’s also one of the basic office supplies you’ll use almost every day.

Different types of calculators

There are several different types of calculators. Each will perform a specific function, and they are all geared toward a specific type of user.

Financial calculators

A financial calculator is a programmable calculator that has functions and keys you won’t find on other calculators. These specific keys let you calculate equations like different types of interest and cash flow. A financial calculator may be used by a real estate agent, banker, financial planner, or someone studying economics.

Scientific calculator

A scientific calculator is a must-have if you’re studying calculus or trigonometry. It has more buttons than a standard calculator, and you can use these buttons and functions to work through complex mathematical, scientific, or engineering problems like probability and logarithm. A scientific calculator is a commonly requested school supply for high school students.

Graphing calculator

A graphing calculator is useful for solving different equations at the same time. Once you’ve solved the equations, they are displayed on the large screen of the calculator in graph form. Students in calculus and physics classes need to use graphic calculators to assist in solving complex equations.

Printing calculator

A printing calculator provides a print out of whatever numbers or equations you are entering. They are often used as receipt printers for businesses as some types will keep track of both the time and date and print it along with the sale.

Basic calculators

A basic calculator will add, subtract, divide, multiply, and perform basic tasks like percentage functions. You’ll often find solar calculators on your child’s school supply list, and it’s one of the basic office supplies you’ll find in every home office.

What type of calculator you choose will be dictated by what tasks you need it to take on. Whether you need a scientific calculator for school or a financial calculator for your job, you’ll find all types of calculators on Best Buy.

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