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Get deep down dirt with a carpet cleaner

Carpet cleaners simplify the process of shampooing, maintaining, and spot-cleaning carpets and are especially useful for households with pets and kids.

What are carpet cleaners and shampooers

Sometimes dry vacuuming a carpet alone isn’t enough. A carpet cleaner or shampooer is basically a mop for carpeting, combining suction power with steam and/or a cleaning agent and water to get dirt deep down inside the fibres of the carpeting. They are also designed to tackle spills and even tough stains.

Carpet cleaners come in various forms, including upright carpet cleaners that resemble upright vacuums, portable carpet cleaners, and carpet shampooers. Carpet cleaners typically use steam from water to clean carpets while carpet shampooers are designed for deeper stains and add a cleaning agent that helps bring dirt to the surface and tackle tougher messes.

Run these machines over a carpeted surface, more slowly than you would pass a vacuum, and watch your carpet return to its original lustre.

Benefits of using carpet cleaners and shampooers

Carpet cleaners and shampooers provide a deeper clean than vacuums, getting not just dirt and debris but also stains and dirt that have already worked their way into the fibres of the carpet. Because the machines and shampoo for carpets are designed specifically for these surfaces, they won’t damage carpeting.

Some, especially with special cleaning agents and/or attachments, can tackle deep-down stains. This is useful for households with kids where you might see spills of everything from milk to juice and those with pets who leave behind muddy footprints and bathroom accidents.

While you might not use a carpet cleaner or shampooer as frequently as a vacuum, they are good for occasional carpet maintenance. A clean carpet can even improve the air quality in the home. If there’s an unfortunate spill or stain, having one will be a lifesaver, negating the need to replace a stained carpet or get costly professional carpet cleaning done.

What to consider when buying a carpet cleaner or shampooer

When choosing a carpet cleaner or shampooer for carpet care, ensure the cleaning power and performance meets your needs. This relates to both the size and type of the carpet, the size of the water tank, and cleaning solution capacity. If you have a large carpeted area, the machine should tackle the entire surface without requiring a refill halfway through.

It should be lightweight and easy to maneuver, especially on stairs and in corners, as well as easily be brought out of storage and put back, whether it’s an upright at the back of a closet or a portable in the garage. For cleaning, some models have a self-cleaning hose.

Price and value for cost play a role, too. What attachments and accessories are included? If you’re anticipating toddler or pet messes and spills, you’ll want something that comes with a deep cleaning brush. To also clean furniture, find one with an upholstery spot cleaner attachment as well.

New innovations in carpet cleaners

The carpet cleaner and shampooer category continues to expand with innovative new products like the Bissell ProHeat 2x Revolution upright vacuum cleaner that is designed for carpet and upholstery. With 12 rows of Power Brushes and HeatWave technology, it gently lifts dirt and stains, and even helps remove odours. With deep clean and express clean modes, a sizeable one-gallon capacity, and quick drying in about an hour, it can tackle both big and small jobs. A carpet cleaner like this one is a worthwhile addition to your cleaning set-up and a small appliance you’ll end up using more frequently for carpet maintenance.

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