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FAQ About Stick Vacuums

Not every vacuuming job requires lugging around a full-size upright vacuum, tripping over power chords, and hunting for free electrical outlets. Stick vacuums alleviate the burden that comes with full-size vacuums by giving you a handy and quick cleaning option for high-traffic areas around the house. Let's answer a few common questions about stick vacuums and see if this portable cleaning device is right for you.

What is a stick vacuum best used for?

Stick vacuums are an ideal cleaning tool for high-traffic floors like your home's entry area or kitchen. These foot-friendly areas usually require a once over daily. A stick vacuum is also helpful if you have a multiple-floor home because you can keep it on the upper floor and not have to lug a clunky vacuum up and down the stairs. Pet owners also take note: stick vacuums keep the dog hair off your furniture and subsequently off your clothes.

Why do I need a stick vacuum?

If you're squeezed for storage space, a stick vacuum could be an attractive alternative because of its slim design compared to a larger, conventional vacuum. It also takes up less space in your closet, making it ideal for condos. Generally, stick vacuums are best used for hard floors, though some models feature a roll brush that combs through the fibres in a carpet.

What do you look for in a stick vacuum?

There's a wide range of stick vacuums, all at different price points, because of the various features and ranging suction power. Stick vacuums are unique because some provide the option of going cordless, so you're unshackled and more mobile while vacuuming. For even more mobility, look for a stick vacuum with hand-vacuum conversion. Hand-vacs are a super-convenient tool for spot cleaning and getting into those awkward nooks and crannies.