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Handheld And Portable Vacuums

Handheld vacuums are the smaller cousin of the traditional vacuum cleaner. These compact cleaning appliances are great for quick cleanups as well as cleaning out narrow nooks and crannies. Whether you’ve spilled flour on the kitchen floor or tracked dirt into your car, you can save yourself the effort of lugging out your full-sized vacuum by whipping out a handheld vacuum cleaner instead.

What should I look for when buying a handheld vacuum?

For those moments when you need a quick cleanup, a handheld vacuum can come to the rescue. Whether you've spilled flour on the kitchen floor or tracked dirt into the car, you can save yourself the effort of lugging out your full-sized vacuum by whipping out a handheld vacuum cleaner instead.

Handheld vacuum cleaners aren't created equal, so consider these factors when choosing one for your needs.

Handheld vacuums are designed to be lightweight and easy to use. If portability is essential, look for a cordless hand vacuum that makes it easy to go from room to room. A lightweight design that's less than 5lbs. will ensure it's not too heavy for extended use.

Advantages of handheld vacuums

Full-sized vacuums are great. They’re powerful and versatile, and modern models are often pretty maneuverable, too. But they can also be heavy and cumbersome, and not every occasion calls for a full-sized vacuum.

If you’re cleaning your floors or carpets, then yes! A full-sized vacuum is the way to go. But for smaller cleaning jobs, handheld vacuums will make cleaning tasks a lot easier and more convenient. Look at handheld vacuums less as miniature versions of a full-sized vacuum and think of them more as a separate kind of versatile cleaning tool: One that can clean every little bit of dirt, dust, and crumb that you’ve been brushing aside.

Cordless handheld vacuums in particular are growing in popularity. They make quick work of keeping up with small cleaning tasks and are ideal for cleaning up crumbs or other tiny bits of things that you need a small tool to really get. Try using your cordless portable vacuum for cleaning crumbs out of car seats or vacuuming up kibble bits that your pets have left near their food bowls. Or, hop on the current trendy use of a cordless vacuum and use them to whisk away crumbs, flour, and other materials from your kitchen countertops after you’ve finished cooking.

Features to consider when buying a handheld vacuum

Handheld vacuums are convenient cleaning tools that help make your chores easier. Consider the size, weight, and battery life of a vacuum before making a purchase, and check to see if you need the extra flexibility of things like attachment heads, too.

For extra convenience, choose a lightweight cordless vacuum with a bagless dustbin. Or, for extra power, choose a stick vacuum with a cordless handheld attachment instead. Make sure to empty the dustbin of your handheld vacuum whenever necessary, which could be after every use for larger cleaning jobs.

Best handheld and portable vacuums for cars

Handheld vacuums for cars are a quick-growing category as consumers realize how easy day-to-day car maintenance is. Instead of taking your car in to be professionally cleaned again and again, you can extend the lifetime of each deep clean simply by cleaning up a little here and there. Clean up cracker crumbs, spilled snacks, and more when you arrive at your destination, or when you’re parked and waiting for your kids, friends, or spouse to join you.

Do I need a handheld vacuum if I already have a full-sized vacuum?

You may think a handheld vacuum cleaner is unnecessary, but it can be a lightweight alternative to a cumbersome full-sized vacuum. For cleaning stairs, furniture, or small spills, a handheld vacuum can tackle the job easily.

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