Save time and effort with a wet/dry vacuum.

A wet/dry vacuum is a great all-in-one cleaning solution that combines a powerful vacuum with the ability to mop.
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It’s worth getting a steam cleaner for your home

As more and more people seek environmentally-friendly ways to go about their daily routines, steam cleaners have grown in popularity. This is because steam cleaners, a vacuum that uses powerful steam to destroy dirt, remove germs, and penetrate microscopic pores, offer a more sustainable alternative to chemical-based cleaning solutions. Let's answer a few common questions about steam cleaners and see if this green-minded appliance is right for your grime-removal needs. Steam cleaners are a simple, eco-friendly way to clean hardwood floors, tiles, and even carpets using only water, no chemical cleaners are needed.

What are steam cleaners and why would you use one?

A steam cleaner is a wet (and sometimes also dry) cleaner that uses only hot water and steam to clean. Ideal for those who suffer from allergies or asthma, or who prefer not to use harsh chemicals on their flooring, tiles, and even carpets, they’re a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice. Steam cleaners can also be handheld to tackle other surfaces like drapes, and even clothing.

Simple to use with minimal clean-up, steam cleaners have a tank that holds water. Turn it on, the water heats up, then run it along the floor or other surface, using the brush head or a washable or single-use cleaning pad or brush.

The hot water steam sanitizes surfaces using moisture to remove tough stains, dirt, and debris for natural cleaning. There’s no bucket of dirty water or ringing out process required as you effortlessly clean.

Types of steam cleaners

Steam cleaners come in various types to suit differing needs and surfaces or areas, including steam mops, handheld steam cleaners, canister steam cleaners, vacuum steam cleaners, and floor cleaners or floor steamers, all of which offer chemical-free cleaning.

A steam cleaner comes in upright or handheld form to clean and sanitize floors, upholstery, clothing, and car interiors. Resembling a standard mop, a steam mop is a lightweight, upright device that uses steam to clean, sanitize, and disinfect floors and, with the right attachment, even carpets. A steam vacuum or floor steamer can perform a dry vacuum as well as a wet mop. Some steam vacuums can be used for other surfaces as well thanks to a hose and vacuum end.

Some are cordless and battery-powered and work with fragrance discs so you get a fresh scent after a clean. Scrubbing brushes tackle tough stains and heavily soiled areas. Heavy-duty steam cleaner mops and vacuums provide an industrial-level clean.

Features to consider when choosing a steam cleaner

When choosing a steam cleaner, look for the right model to meet your needs depending on whether you want to clean just floors or other surfaces as well. Then, look at steam temperature and pressure. If you have kids, pets, or heavily trafficked areas, you’ll want a steam mop or steam vacuum that is powerful enough to tackle big and tough jobs and get into crooks and crevices.

The water tank capacity should be enough to last through the job, and simple to access for refills and cleaning. For larger spaces, consider going cordless or find a model with an extra-long cord.

Look into what attachment and accessory options are available, too, like brushes for more delicate hardwood or ones for deeper cleaning on kitchen and bathroom tiles. Finally, get something that fits within your preferred price range, but above all else, meets your cleaning needs.

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