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  • Lounging the Right Way with an Elegant Chaise

    If you’re creating a small space, you’ll know that there’s no piece of furniture more important than the chaise lounge. Designed for sleekness, comfort, and a slim profile, the chaise offers all of the lounging capabilities of a couch—but often in a size that’s no wider than an accent chair.

    What Is a Chaise Chair?

    Popularized in their association to psychotherapy, the chaise lounge (often also spelled “chaise longue”) is a long, narrow type of sofa. They’re akin to what would happen if you combined an accent chair with its ottoman: something sleek and functional, that lets you lean back and put your feet up on the same piece.

    Chaise lounges come in a variety of styles for both outdoor and indoor chaise use. Outdoor models are often made from nylon, similarly to a sun chair, while indoor models are typically cushioned.

    Where Does a Chaise Lounge Belong?

    Part of the beauty of the chaise lounge is its versatility. A great chaise sofa fits into any sitting area—if you could put an accent chair or loveseat there, then consider a chaise as well!

    Mid-century modern designs look great in a living room or office, with common styles mimicking the classic, mid-century Eames lounger. An atypical chaise lounge, Eames chairs rest the body backwards, with a separate footrest. They’re a type of tufted leather chaise lounge, and have a wood grain exterior.

    In more intimate rooms, like a family room or bedroom, chaises are typically finished in fabric. Tufted upholstery gives comfort with a French provincial look, while modern sectionals keep a sleek profile.

    When Is the Chaise Lounge the Right Chair?

    In spaces where you may not have quite enough room for an accent chair with an ottoman, or where a separate ottoman might look a little “off,” the chaise is an excellent substitution. Because they inherently provide a spot for you to rest your legs, chaise lounges are ideal in rooms where you’ll be sitting for long periods of time—for instance, in front of a TV.

    The chaise’s sleek design adds a bit of class to any room, and also makes a great choice for occasional sitting areas that are just a little bit too small for a loveseat. They look natural in wide window bays and long hallways, providing you with a space to sit and chat with a friend or tuck yourself up with a cup of tea and a good book.

    Outdoor chaises are great on the patio, and ideal next to the pool. After all, there’s no better way to get an even tan than to do it on a piece of furniture that’s designed for you to rest your legs up on it!