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Experience Deep Relaxation at Home with a Massage Chair or Table

A long day at the office calls for some relaxation and restoration. Your back is stiff from sitting all day and all that stress has gone straight to your neck and shoulders and lounging in your recliner just wont ease your pain. An appointment at the spa for a massage has been known to work wonders. But do you have the time? Well, you would, if you bring the relaxing massage experience to the comfort of your home. A little pampering and de-stressing every now and then is good for circulation, boosts endorphins, and helps you relax after a busy workday.

Why Should I Get A Massage Chair?

Massage chairs have innumerable health benefits, from easing your stress and relaxing your muscles to improving posture and rejuvenating your mind. Perfect for anyone with a busy schedule, a massage chair will save you regular trips to a professional clinic, not to mention the costs of said visits.

How Does A Massage Chair Work?

A massage chair works by using vibrations and roller mechanisms to simulate a massage therapist's techniques. Some massage chairs use water, while others use airbags to squeeze muscles and promote good circulation. Most massage chairs use a combination of these techniques to achieve best results.

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Contrary to its name, a zero-gravity massage chair does not defy gravity. This chair is designed to put you in the reclined position and elevates your feet and legs above the heart. This posture helps distribute body weight evenly, removes the pressure off the spine, improves blood circulation, and gives your back a thorough massaging experience.

Types Of Massages

Massage chairs target different parts of the body to soothe and relax your muscles. A back massage chair mode specifically targets the spine, lumbar, or upper back. A full-body massage chair mode, on the other hand, focuses on your back, shoulders, neck, calves, ankles, and feet.

Selectable And Customizable Massages

Some massage chairs let you select your preferred mode and speed, and even choose level of intensity for a personalized experience. Some select massage chairs even let you choose two or more modes, and target specific muscles for a customized experience.

Massage Techniques

Massage chairs are programmed with an array of massage modes that you can select depending on the type and severity of your issue. Here are a few techniques that most higher-end models feature.


Rollers move in a circular motion, mimicking a human hand. They compress soft tissues against each other and target different muscle groups, breaking up muscle tightness, easing tension, and improving overall blood flow.


Compression mode squeezes your muscles, thereby promoting blood circulation. This technique also stimulates the nervous system and aids relaxation.


In this mode, the rollers alternate between pushing in and out to mimic the karate chop technique, loosening the tension in very tight muscles.

Heated Massages

Heated massage chair mode is usually equipped with heat rollers to warm up your muscles for improved results. This mode boosts circulations, alleviates pain, and relieves stress.


Shiatsu massage chair mode applies pressure on the body's acupuncture points. Apart from relieving stress, this therapy can also help relieve physical aches and stiffness.

The Convenient, Cost-effective Solution

As discussed, the benefits of massage chairs are innumerable. But are they worth the price? If you suffer chronic physical pain due to an injury, poor posture, or other reason, or if you find yourself highly stressed on an ongoing basis, investing in a massage chair could be perfect for you. It’ll save you the cost and time spent visiting massage therapy clinics. Your family members can also reap its benefits too without any additional burden to your wallet.

Massage Tables

For a professional massage therapist, a great massage table is an essential piece of equipment. That's why choosing them is no simple task. Your budget, body scale of your client base, back requirement, and your height are some of the main factors that need to be taken into consideration when looking for the right table.

Massage Tables: Portable Vs Stationary

Whether your business is mobile or not is an important consideration in finding the right table for you. If you have set up a clinic and your clients come to you, a stationary massage bed is the obvious choice. However, if you will be making visits to client’s homes, then you may want to consider a lightweight portable massage table for simple portability and mobility. Most portable massage tables are easily foldable and many come with wheels.