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  • FAQ About Steamers

    Garment steamers are an easy and efficient way to remove wrinkles from your clothes and keep you looking sharp. They work by heating water until it turns to steam, then directing the steam at your clothing. This helps reduce wear and tear, even restore certain types of delicate fabrics. They can also be used to refresh clothes, saving you money through less frequent trips to the dry cleaners. Here's the most commonly asked questions about steamers.

    What types of clothes steamers are there?

    While steamers are available in a range of shapes, brands, and designs, they all fall within three main types.

    Standing garment steamers

    This most common type of steamer features a water well that sits on the ground, a long tube with a nozzle at the end, and a tall rod for garments to hang on.

    Travel garment steamers

    Small enough to fit in a suitcase, a travel garment steamer keeps your clothes looking sharp while you're on the go. The nozzle is attached directly to the water well to avoid the need for a tube.

    Handheld garment steamers

    Perfect for small apartments, a handheld steamer is smaller than a standing model and similar in design to a travel garment steamer, but with a bigger water well and more powerful motor.

    What should I consider before buying a garment steamer?

    Consider how often you'll use it and the types of fabrics you'll use it on. Make sure it's comfortable in your hand and not too heavy. If you travel a lot, choose a portable steamer.

    What features should I look for in a clothes steamer?

    Go for a steamer with a long hose for a good reach, and a large water capacity for less frequent refills. If buying a full-sized steamer, consider getting one with wheels for easy mobility, and hangers and racks for hanging garments to make your life easier.

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